On a roll

Starting where I last left off…
More playing with the puppies was a must

Dinner was hamburgers cheeseburgers.

Along with corn, broccoli (half with cheese), garden salsa sunchips and baked beans.

Janell and I ate a few too many forkfuls of this delicious piece of Melanie’s birthday cake from a week ago. (we didn’t eat the whole piece)  & all of us sitting at the kids table played a few rounds of Uno.  (My cousin’s Janell and Melanie, Melanie’s boyfriend – Mike, and myself).  Melanie and I wanted to play some team rounds (because we’re really good we cheat at uno really well) but that didn’t happen.  When I was growing up, my sisters and I would come down to Orlando a couple times a summer and all of the cousins would play tons and tons of uno.  We often split into teams and Melanie and I would cheat our butts off win.  🙂

Did I mention that yesterday was my Aunt Teri’s birthday?

Well, it’s part of the reason we decided on Florida, actually.

Funfetti Angel Food Cake with 7 minute frosting.  The frosting actually tasted a lot like marshmallow fluff, which obviously means it was very yummy!

Melanie and I like playing with our food.
I’ll save you from the pictures of us with frosting all over our faces.  Mainly because they’re embarrassing 🙂


My dad and I went for a run.  He tried to take a picture of me and it just wasn’t working. Bright sun + super sensitive eyes = bad picture.

Luckily, lakes don’t have eyes.

Neither do shadows.

Saw a little bit of wildlife.

Distance: 4.17 miles
Time: 39 min 17 sec

Shortly after we got back, my grandma and Leonard came over.  If you haven’t guessed yet, this meant donuts!

Munched right into one.

Followed by some real food.

Look what ran past the house during breakfast!


Off to the bowling alley!

It was girls

against boys

I was doing really well for a while that game!  Just ignore where I got two gutter balls in a row…

Lunch was random:

chicken salad and tuna salad on a tortilla

Plus some more sunchips (unpictured)

Now we’re sitting around watching The Pacifier which I personally think is hilarious.

Tomorrow’s plans:
Sea World!  I love Sea World!  Janell works at Discovery Cove and gets free passes every now and then.  I haven’t been in way too long.  I cannot wait to ride Manta!


2 responses to “On a roll

  1. What beautiful weather for a run! I cannot wait until I am wearing shorts and a tank 🙂

    I really like The Pacifier too. I like Vin Diesel. I think he’s sexy 😉

  2. FUN!! am so glad you are having a good time!!:)

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