Scaring myself silly

I’ve been watching my own personal CSI: Crime Scene Investigation marathon lately.  The past two nights, I’ve gotten scared while trying to fall asleep.  I turned off the computer and all of a sudden I start thinking I’m hearing someone walking around the house.  Both nights resulted with me locking the door going from my bathroom to my sister’s room (old room? she doesn’t live here anymore but it’s really still her room).  I do this most of the time when my dad goes out of town for work, but never when he’s home.  I was just too scared last night though lol.  Then, I went around my room checking under my bed and in all of my closets to make sure there wasn’t anyone hiding.  Weirdo. Oh well!  The solution is easy: Stop watching CSI right before going to bed. It’s a hard habit to break though!

P.S.- the worst part is, we have an alarm system.  So, I really shouldn’t get scared.  This is coming from the same person that is scared to run around my neighborhood by myself though.

Breakfast this morning was similar to dinner last night:

fried potato slices with 2 fried eggs.

While breakfast was cooking, Lexi did something she does about once a year…

Right after I took this picture, she stood up and barked at me!  I’m thinking she wanted to play.  It was really weird though!  She’s almost 9 years old, we’ve had her since she was a puppy, and I’ve only heard her bark probably less than 10 times.  I love having a dog that doesn’t bark! Actually, I think she startles herself when she actually does bark!

Time to go get ready for a run!  Not sure what it’s going to be like today… fast and short? Slower and long?  Fast and long? Hopefully not slow and short! We’ll just have to wait and see!


One response to “Scaring myself silly

  1. Happy Friday Sammi!

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