We still haven’t decided what all is going to happen with traveling this week.  I did get my application in for a renewal on my passport though.  Too bad it won’t get here for at least a couple weeks.

Now for some pictures.

Yesterday morning…

Oatmeal with cinnamon, frozen banana slices & agave nectar

Couldn’t help but add cereal as well for some crunch 🙂

Then around noon I went out to MacArthur Mall for some shopping. This mall is the biggest one in the area and has a lot of really nice stores.  Only problem, I hate driving in Norfolk.  I had to though because it’s the only place around here with…

Robert, the exchange student we were going to visit in Germany, emailed my dad asking for Abercombie & Fitch’s Fierce cologne. I tried to get it when I was at Short Pump for the race; however, they weren’t open yet at 10:15 am so I gave up.  (they didn’t have any signs saying their hours)

So I grabbed my handy-dandy GPS and drove out to Norfolk.  The roads over there are messed up.  Not exactly sure what they are doing over there to the roads but the one my GPS took me down (right in front of the mall) was blocked off.  After finding my way through the maze of construction over there, I finally made it into the parking garage.

Abercrombie was my first stop & I bought some new jeans while I was in there.  Normally, I don’t even look at that store since the clothes are so expensive but I ended up buying two pairs while I was looking for the cologne 🙂 They were on sale! Too bad that still made them $60!  Jeez.  Oh well.  They fit really well and it’s not like I usually spend a lot of $$$ on clothes (I’m pretty good with my money)
While I was at the mall, I also bought Dear John to read on the plane… 😦 lol.  As well as a pair of tan work pants.  My old ones got the dreaded thigh hole Know what I’m talking about? My pants are usually retired after a while because my thighs rub together so much they burn holes right through them.  Happens to all my favorite pants.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m starting to love my thighs.  Running (and maybe spinning) is turning them really muscular.  They only look like that when I’m actually flexing though & it kind of sucks having to throw away my favorite pants because they rub.

I was really hungry when I left the mall and I was going straight to the gym so I ate a luna bar.

Love me some luna bars!


Distance: About 6.1 miles
Time: About 55 minutes

I thought about staying for the spinning class but decided to go home so I could feed Lexi on time, shower, and grab something to eat before class.

I didn’t have much time when it came to getting dinner together, so I just threw some celery, peanut butter, wheat things, granola crisps & a few chocolate covered raisins in a container.  Hopefully munching on all that isn’t too loud since I ate it in class.

Once I got home, I packed while watching CSI.

Oh well.

Went to the store to pick up some lettuce for Jessie’s turtle and picked up a pear for myself.

Sliced it up and put it in a bag to eat on the way to the airport… ended up eating it with some peanut butter while sitting in my kitchen writing that last post.

After the pear, I made some scrambled eggs with cheese and ham.  Can’t have scrambled eggs without toast!

Ran some errands & then rushed off to the gym to meet my mom for the 4:15 spinning class.  I love the hour long classes!  Today’s instructor was the same one that I had the first time I took a spinning class and she’s a wonderful instructor!  Plus, the music selection she uses is right up my alley.

Jordan called me when I got home to ask me about running.

She wanted to know when she’ll probably be able to run her first 5k.  Being a school teacher, her hours don’t really allow her to run outside, so she gets all her running done on the treadmill.  Today’s stats: walked a while for her warm up, ran 1.25 miles, walked .1, then ran another .75
She specifically wanted to know if she’ll be ready by June.  In my opinion, definitely.  As long as she keeps up with it, I think that’ll be plenty of time.
Is running a road race more difficult if your primary training is done on the treadmill?
I’m going to look for some races around June to run with her 🙂
Also, we’re going to run together sometime soon around the usual loop so I can get a better sense of her running.  So excited!!


Fried potato slices, steamed broccoli & a venison burger on a potato wheat bun (the bun was really small) w/ ketchup, mustard and cheese.
What is up with me and mustard lately?

I always get so excited when my dad mentions the idea of making venison burgers!  They are abosutely delicious and I figure they’re a lot better for me than most of the meat you find at the grocery store.

Had a handful of chocolate covered raisins after dinner.  Also not pictured, a mini chocolate peppermint stick luna bar that I ate once I got home from the gym.  There might be other things that I ate without snapping a picture of but those are the two I remember 🙂 Oh, and a piece of valentine’s day chocolate!

Time to go to sleep! Good night everyone!


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