SCAN 5k 2010

The SCAN 5k in Richmond on Saturday was amazing!  It is so weird to think about how my first race felt like it was never going to end; however, this past race felt super short!  (both 5ks)

Official Time: 27:28
Garmin Time: 27:17

It wasn’t chip timed, which explains why the times don’t match up exactly.

Found Christina before the race started 🙂 (this picture was taken after though)

It was really cold before the race started and I had a hard time deciding whether or not I wanted to wear my jacket.  In the end, I decided a tank top would be fine, and it was!

My dad, Christina, a couple of her friends, and I picked a random spot in the middle of the crowd.  There were only about 500 people in the race, so the spot didn’t really matter.  Christina realized shortly after we started running, that her shoe was untied!  She decided to keep going for a while but eventually she had to stop to tie it.  She assured me that it would be okay to keep going but she ended up only finishing like 2 seconds behind me anyway.

I have decide d that music makes  a huge difference during races!  We listened to Fergie, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears through her phone speaker and it was so helpful on making us run faster!

I’m really wanting to find another race to do!  I really don’t want to have to wait until the end of March for the next one!

I grabbed a mini white chocolate macadamia nut luna bar right after the race and then bought an original auntie anne’s pretzel before leaving.

Once I got home, I made one of my favorite meals.

Grilled cheese & tomato soup.  Who knew that one was coming? haha.  I can’t help it.  I love it!

I also had a vita top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.  Yum!

Work Saturday night… I was working an anniversary party with one of the other waitresses and a chicken dish went out undercooked.  To make matters worse, it was the woman who the party was for that got that dish.  While I was freaking out, waiting for the meal to recook, another woman at the party started yelling at me over the dish.  “You do know that it is their anniversary!” motioning at the woman and her husband’s chairs, “so they really should be eating together!” It is very rare that I stand up for myself when customers get angry at me; however, I was near tears at that point so I really couldn’t help it.  I responded by telling her that it wasn’t me who cooked it.  Then I informed her that my manager would be bringing the dish out personally.  Everyone else at the party was shooting me “I’m sorry” glances and one of the other head people assured me that it was okay.  In the end, the chicken ended up being too dry after they recooked the dish.  Of course, the same woman from before yelled at me again.


I really don’t know what’s wrong with some people.

Yesterday Jon Alan and I went to Ihop.  I’m still trying to get comfortable with taking pictures in front of others and kind of failed yesterday.  We were at a table in the middle of the room and I just felt like everyone could see me and got freaked out.  Any other bloggers ever have that problem? Advice on how to get over it?

Well, onto today… spent the morning working on getting my college applications completed and submitted.  Christopher Newport University doesn’t let applicants turn in the essay and resume sections online, so I drove over to the campus to hand deliver those.

Not easy to take pictures while trying to drive in traffic…

Oh well.  I tried!

I’ve only been to the campus twice (the first time was for driving school… lol).  This time I felt so much more comfortable with finding my way around.  Last time, I drove around for a really long time looking for visitor parking and trying to figure out which building I was going to.

Once that was turned in, I drove over to my current school.  Stopped at Food Lion on the way to pick up some food.

Tasted better than it looks.  A little too much bread for the amount of chicken salad, so I took off one piece from the second half.

Fruits have been on my mind all day!  That is pretty rare for me, so I got a fruit that I haven’t had in a while.
Those little crisps are…

Delicious!!!!  Just the perfect amount of flavor and crunch!

I also bought a pear (which I just ate), my first jar of almond butter, and my first bottle of agave nectar!  I ate the pear with some almond butter, but I haven’t tried the agave nectar yet.  Is that stuff good in oatmeal?  Maybe I’ll have to make some tomorrow morning to try it out.

The application work may be over now; however, that just means now is time to focus on getting a lot of schoolwork done 😦  Specifically, a lot of accounting homework.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Call the woman again about my AP scores (she never did call back)
  • Statistics homework
  • Statistics class
  • Gym for some treadmill running
  • Homework
  • Work

13 responses to “SCAN 5k 2010

  1. sorry about that woman in the party! what a meanie!

    yay for an awesome 5 k run! =D

  2. fattiefatterton

    Congrats on your successful race Miss Sammi!! 😀

  3. you didn’t have to buy the crisps or the agave nectar. I have a bottle or two at mom’s and I’m pretty sure I have the crisps there too.

    • Oh well. lol. I knew that you had some agave nectar at mom’s but I figured you took it with you. The crisps I wanted for right then. 🙂

  4. Congrats on your race thats awesome!!

    The grilled cheese looks so goood gotta love it. Also, if your interested in another race the Swamp Run in Williamsburg is going on March 13th if you would like to run it. I will be there 🙂

    It’s so funny seeing pictures of CNU… I wish you would have had my number you could have called me!

    With the picture thing I am on the same boat.I also have trouble when I’m really hungry I eat my food really quickly and forget about photo.

    • Thanks! 🙂 At first I thought you were talking about this half marathon with a similar name, but now that I see it’s only a 5k, maybe I’ll do it! It’ll be the day after I get back from Germany so I think I’ll wait and see how I feel about it closer to that day. I thought about emailing you before I left, but I didn’t have very much time to spend there and it was a little late notice 😦 (I’m horrible at planning things! lol) I know! I’ll be in the middle of eating something, or washing the dishes and I’ll finally remember! haha

  5. CONGRATS on your time!!! Awesome!! Are you so excited?!?!

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  7. Congrats on the race! Lady GaGa always gets me going too. 😉 I bet you will find another one soon!

    I don’t have any advice on taking pics! I often take pictures of food I think is good and want to share with my mom, but to me, the whole idea of posting everything you eat seems to be too much. I am not sure how they do it!

    Restaurants seems to bring out some people’s worst behavior! I am sorry they were so crappy to you 😦

  8. Sammi I absolutely love this post about the run!! Haha it is all so true and was so much fun. I’ll make sure I have my phone fully charged and get new songs for our next race. April I think I am running these three races:
    April 10 – Henrico CASA Superhero Run 5k (new!) (supports programs to advocate for children in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations court process)

    April 17 (I am gonna do 15K) – CrossOver Challenge 15k and 5k (supports healthcare programs for people in need)

    (Not sure about this one) April 24 – ASK 5k (supports programs for children with cancer)

    • Thanks! Awesome about the songs! Now if only we could think of costumes to wear. that 15k on april 17th looks pretty cool! Maybe I’ll do it with you! I have an 8 mile race on April 3rd down near. I’m really scared about it though since I don’t know anyone else that’s going to do it with me or even come to watch! Eck 😦

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