race morning

Good Morning Everyone!

It is Saturday right? Lexi’s making me think it’s Sunday the way she wouldn’t take the paper up the porch steps this morning (Sunday morning = bigger paper).  Had me confused for a minute lol.

Last night I bought some pasta with alfredo sauce and broccoli for some carbo-loading.

Leaving work took longer than usual.  One of the bar patrons had a little too much to drink last night and one of our regulars came in to let us know that there was puke on the welcome mat outside.  Apparently it wasn’t only on the welcome mat, but rather the door and door jam as well.  Lovely.  Thankfully they have the bus boys and dishwashers clean stuff like that up.  (Hey, I don’t make less than $3 an hour to deal with that nastiness.)
Why does my work have as many puke stories as a day care?
Not cool.  I promise it’s not the food.

Once I got home, things started looking down again….

I guess I wasn’t meant to have leftovers.

Got all my breakfast needs together.

As well as my race needs.

Doesn’t it look like I’m going on a weekend trip? Not a 1/2 day trip?  It’s all somewhat essential.  I didn’t completely decide on the clothing yet.

Finishing up my breakfast now.
Then off to Richmond for the race!!!



2 responses to “race morning


  2. How did it go…on pins and needles here!! haha!

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