Starting to worry

Starting to worry about what’s going on with my AP calculus score.  I called 2/9/10 to get College Board to send the score to my current school, as well as Christopher Newport University.  The score has not been put into the system yet at my school.  The credits I will receive from that test are extremely important for me graduating this May.  In other words, without that score, I’m not graduating this May.  The actual score I got on the exam will earn me 3 math credits.  Now I just need to make sure the lady in charge of getting the scores in the system has received the score and is getting it in the system.

I called her, but she hasn’t responded to me yet.

On a better note:
I now have a membership to the YMCA that will allow me to go to whichever YMCA I’d like to go to!  Instead of me getting a personal membership, they put me on my mom’s.  This way, it’s saving me $5 a month from what I was paying for the college rate!  Plus, I was only allowed to go to the YMCA in my town with the college membership rather than all of the YMCAs out there!

Spinning class last night was great!  It was only a thirty minute class; however, I still feel like I got a pretty good workout.  I really need to go running today in preparation for Saturday’s race.  Looks like I’ll be bringing my workout clothes with me when I leave for school today!  Which, will be in the next 15 minutes so I have to go!

I’ll update you on the food pictures & the surprise workout stuff Jon Alan gave me next time!

Breakfast- pb & jam oats which I have pictures of! yum yum yum!


3 responses to “Starting to worry

  1. Good luck with the AP stuff. I’m a college junior and still haven’t had mine sent to my school yet, lol! And happy Friday 🙂

  2. I actually work at an undergraduate admissions office in Boston and we take care of any AP scores that come in. We give credit to students who get certain scores on their APs, too. From experience, I know that the College Board can be REALLY slow at getting scores in. It can take up to 3 weeks (sometimes more!) for scores to actually get to our office. We get so many phone calls from students wondering why it’s taking so long, when really it’s the College Board being really slow. They’re sent by snail mail, too, not electronically. We actually get a paper score report.

    So anyway, my point I guess is just try to be patient. I bet in the next week or so they’ll arrive and be put in the system, and you’ll be able to graduate just fine. Good luck with it!!

    • Thanks for responding about that! I called college board to check on the date that they sent it and they said it was sent out on Feb. 11th. Since I paid the extra fee to get it to the school within 2 days of it being sent, I’m going to be pretty angry at college board if my school hasn’t received it yet. The woman who I left a voicemail with about it still has not gotten back to me though. If she doesn’t call soon, I guess I’m going to either call her back or drive down there myself to talk to her. The dean of my school said herself that the woman takes forever to get things in, and if she doesn’t even have the decency to call… gaaaaah. lol

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