If anyone ever told me…

If anyone ever told me… that I’d be writing my college essay/ personal statement about my love for running, I never would have believed them. It’s honestly the only thing I can really think to write about though, and trust me, I could write a novel about it.

If anyone ever told me… that I’d be applying to William and Mary, I never would have believed them. & Even though I am not so sure if I’ll get accepted, I’m glad I’m not letting that fear stop me.

If anyone ever told me… that I would be less than a week away from having to submit my applications and still not be finished with them, I totally would have believed them! What? I’ve always been one to procrastinate 🙂  Writing has never been a hard thing for me though.  My English professor, the woman who is writing my letter of recommendation, was surprised I’m not going to be an English major.

If anyone ever told me… that I would sign up for a spur of the moment 5k just so I could reach my goal of a race per month this year, I never would have believed them. That’s right!  I’m running a 5k in Richmond this Saturday!  I’m really excited for this one because I’m hoping that my time will surprise me.  I haven’t been doing very well when it comes to pace lately; however, yesterday’s run was a little bit of a confidence booster.
It’s the SCAN 5k that is taking place at Short Pump Mall.  Race starts at 9am.  If anyone’s going to be in the area, you should run it with me!

Yesterday’s run:

Distance: 2.65 miles
Time: 24 minutes 33 seconds.
Avg pace: 9:08 min/mile

About an hour or so before work, my dad came in to tell me that he was going to go for a quick run; although I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to run, shower, eat dinner, and go to work on time, I couldn’t turn down a run.  I told my body, “you better not sweat!” and threw on my running gear.  Normally when I run with others, whether it’s my dad or my mom or a random stranger that I meet at a race, conversations are non stop the whole time.  Yesterday I really wanted to get a good time so I decided that it would be best if it was a quiet run.  We talked a little bit half way through but I realized my time was getting slower and slower (and my breathing was getting pretty bad trying to stay fast and talk) so I asked if we could run the rest in silence.  It paid off! My average pace went from 9:15 down to 9:08 by the end of the run!  I have a really bad time not getting discouraged when people catch up to me during my sprint at the end, so yesterday when I took off and my dad started coming up behind me, I focused really hard on speeding up rather than getting discouraged and slowing down.  Top speed: 5:37 min/mile (which probably lasted only a couple seconds, but I’ll take it!)

After inhaling some ribs and corn,

I was off to what would turn into a very good night at work.
If anyone ever told me… that I would make over $100 at work on a Tuesday night, I never would have believed them. Especially on a party that was as easy as the one last night!  Smithfield Foods came in for a buffet style dinner, open bar, and a business meeting.  During the business meeting, I really wasn’t needed in the room so I picked up a couple tables while I waited for them to finish.  It was a really nice change from working really hard on a party Sunday night and not making much.

Manicotti FAIL.  It was horribly freezerburnt and I couldn’t get myself to eat it.  At least it isn’t taking up room in the freezer anymore!

What could this be?

Empty jif peanut butter jar!

Filled with a 1/2 cup (dry) of oats cooked with some honey crisp apple slices

Topped with raw apple slices.

The jar was way bigger than necessary so I had to use a huge spoon to reach it!
First time oats in a jar: Success!  What I would have changed (other than using a small jar): I wouldn’t have cooked the honey crisp apple at all.  I’ve decided that specific type of apple should stay raw.

Chips and Salsa, in case that isn’t obvious 🙂

Trying to spice up a grilled cheese picture.  Working?


Random Pre-Run Picture?

Cottage Cheese pureed to make it a little creamier with kiwi

These have turned into my go-to breakfast.  So easy to make and delicious! Had one this morning as well!

My sister, Jessica, is moving to Richmond today!  As a going away lunch, I joined Jessica and Jordan (my twin sisters), a friend of Jordan’s,  my nana, great aunt Barbara, Aunt Cindy, Cousin Katy, and Katy’s boyfriend at Ruby Tuesday’s on Sunday.

Strawberry Lemonade.  I kept mine far away from Jordan because she kept trying to drink all of it.  She settled on drinking Jessie’s instead.

Ate half there, the rest for breakfast the next day.

Pasta+broccoli+chicken+some sort of cheese sauce=match made in food heaven.

My aunt Cindy got this piece of loveliness.  The frosting was divine.

Jessie ordered the cheesecake with strawberry topping.  The powdered sugar looks a little funky on the top, still delicious though!  Their crust is amazing!

Chowed on an english muffin with peanut butter and apple butter while working on my business test.  Who else adores apple butter?

Cornbread and chili!  Love love love cornbread!

[Starting to realize I need to start posting more often!  That, or I need to stop eating so much!]

3 waffle triangles:

  • Cottage cheese
  • Blood orange yogurt
  • Butta & sir-up

Scrambled eggs with cheese & Corn bread.  Goes to show that corn bread really does go well with everything 🙂

The end for food pictures!

Spring Break 2010 is taking me to…



Kelly, you were kind of close with France!  Never been there though!

Specifically, we are going to Wiesbaden & Berlin. Starting off in Wiesbaden, driving 5 hours to Berlin on Saturday(?) to visit the German exchange student, Robert, that lived with us my sophomore year of high school and his family.  Then, it’ll be back off to Wiesbaden.  Not sure exactly what our schedule is for the trip, yet.
Is it weird that I’m extremely excited to blog about the trip? I kind of want to go buy a new camera before we leave!
To do list for today:

  • go by my school to get the school seal stamped on a paper I need to mail
  • go to the post office to mail that paper + my highschool and college transcripts
  • pick up some dry cleaning
  • get a membership at my mom’s YMCA
  • spinning class from 5:30-6 with my mom
  • shower at the gym
  • microeconomics class at 7
  • find time to eat dinner
  • work on my resume, some more
  • work on my applications, some more
  • work on my college essay, some more

Ahhhh!  That is way too long 😦

For the next post:
I’ll be revealing what sports related items Jon Alan surprised me with!
Any guesses?


2 responses to “If anyone ever told me…

  1. Can’t wait to hear about Germany, I’ve been to Berlin a couple of times, it’s a great city!

  2. CONGRATS on the run! Your pace was fantastic!! 🙂 Also…Germany! FUN! That is going to be an awesome trip!! 🙂

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