Real quick

So I’ve been super busy with school, applications, work and everything but I wanted to take a couple minutes for a quick update.

Today’s run: 6.1 miles   1 hr 4 min 33 sec.  Not the fastest; however, it was a really enjoyable run.  We went once around the loop and then I had to hit up the porta potty so we just did trails after that.  My legs hurt so good today.

Tomorrow I have a test due for my business class.  It’s due at 8pm, but I have class from 5:30-6:45 so I really need to have it finished by five.  If not, I’ll just stay on campus to finish it up and email it in by 8.  The test is not very much fun.  A total of 19 questions requiring 3 sources each (one magazine, one journal and one internet source).  57 sources for the whole test.  Seriously? I’m not sure if we’re allowed to use the same source for more than one but I’m not sure he’ll care so I probably will anyway.

Due March 1st: FAFSA & college applications.

March 4th(?): Leaving for Europe for Spring Break!  Guess which country I’m going to. I’ll give you a hint tell you something that will probably not help you at all: I’ve been there 3 times; however, I’m not going to any of the areas in that country that I’ve been before.

Good night!


3 responses to “Real quick

  1. Wow that test sounds annoying! I’d have thought you’d be able to use the same source more than once, otherwise they’re expecting an awful lot of reading for one test!

  2. Lithuania?

    Ha ha.

    I don’t know 😛 We need more clues!

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