Pecan Brittle to Nail Polish

Have I ever mentioned I hate giving titles to my posts? I can never think of anything good!

I forgot to mention something about last night’s class.  They turned the lights out for it and only had a little string of lights going around the whole room.  I thought that was kind of weird at first but it was actually pretty awesome!  Do other workout classes do that?

Another thing I forgot…

Pecan brittle!
One of the men that takes the class brought it in and gave it to my mom.  Apparently he makes a lot of different types of brittles and brings them in for some of the other people in the class.  Last time he gave my mom peanut brittle and she said she couldn’t stop eating it so she gave this one to me 🙂
I’m not sure if you can tell, but the thing is HUGE!  That’s a gallon ziploc.

I’m usually not really into sweets that are this hard but it is delicious! I took this picture in the car before I left the gym so I could get some on the way home.  Haven’t had any so far today but it’s been hard to resist!

What I did eat this morning?

Nom nom nom.
It was kind of hard deciding between this or eggs and one of the muffins I made last night.
(the last pouch of the pumpkin nut mix)
But I knew that I would be having at least one muffin later today (I had two last night! I love muffins!) So I held off on those!
Peaches! Yum! English muffin/ fried egg/ cheese sandwich!
Overcooked the egg a little (I always try to keep the yolk completely runny) but surprisingly it didn’t have a negative impact on the sandwich! 🙂

I’ve been wanting to paint my nails for a while now.  Bought two new nail polishes recently – a shimmery gold one and a shimmery purple one.  I tried the purple for my finger nails but the paint wasn’t coming out as smoothly as I would have liked and the gold was going on like butter so I used that instead.

I did put the purple to good use those!

My toes have already been pink for the past week so I used the purple to spice it up a bit 🙂  Originially, I wanted to paint a cute little dot flower; however, my artistic skills were failing me today so I did polka dots instead.

Not sure whether or not I like the gold.
What do you think?

To do list for today: (in no particular order)

  • 30 day shred
  • Shower
  • Homework
  • Work on college apps 😦
  • Food – Something fun.  Not sure what yet.
  • Work at 5:30

I hope you all have a great Friday!


8 responses to “Pecan Brittle to Nail Polish

  1. Ah…your toes are SO cute!! I love the polka dots!!

  2. I went to my first spin class on Monday and the lights were off. It threw me but it was pretty cool! Easier to get in the zone!

    Lovin the polkda dot toe. Too cute!

  3. you had me at Pecan Brittle…
    be still my heart!! I think ‘brittles’ of any kind are by far my favorite candy in the world.

    I love the pink/purple polka dots on your toes, so cute!! And I wouldn’t give up on the gold just yet, could be fun in the summer!!

    Have a great friday!!

  4. LOVE your nails! made me smile so big. I so need a pedicure….so bad.

    and the brittle????one of my fav’s and never had pecan kind.

    have a great weekend

  5. nice nails! mine are crazy short and my toes are gross from running!

    HAHHAHAi dunno what he’d say. i don’t think he’d ever find teh blog, but he’s one of those people that really doesn’t givea fuck about what people think of him…yeah. let’s just say taht he told me/bragged to me that he saw his ex on campus one day, and she was coming up to see him, and he just looked at her, pointed at her, and laughed . hard. so much that she ran away in tears.

  6. Your toes look cute!! 🙂 Happy friday to you too!

  7. Good luck with all the applications they can be annoying but it will pay off.

    Breakfast sandwich looks so good. I am craving it I just need some dang bread first.

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