Mystery Workout Class Revealed

&&& the mystery workout class was…

CYCLING!  Oh my, oh my.  I felt like I was going to die halfway through.

But, that’ll have to wait since I have food pictures.

Peaches with cinnamon, but what are they sitting on?

Cottage cheese, of course!
I ended up adding Organic Pumpkin Flaxplus Granola to give it a little extra summin’ summin’

A whole lot of something I’ve never tried before!

Peanut butter with carrots

Boca burger with german mustard, ketchup, american cheese, and lettuce on an english muffin

& peanut butter with vanilla ice cream – so good together!

Now for cycling class!

It was so much fun!  I don’t usually ride a bike so it took some getting use to.  I’m definitely in some major pain from the seat (Any advice on how to not have that problem?).  There was some frustration at first because I couldn’t get the strap very tight on my feet and my right foot kept wanting to jump out of the little pedal foot holder thing (I know, I’m a genius when it comes to vocab.)  I kept trying to tighten it down but the strap wasn’t budging at all.  After the instructor tried and couldn’t get it either, I ended up moving to a different bike.  Smooth sailing An intense sweat pouring, water bottle draining, butt killing, death defying workout after that.  For a while, I was wondering what I was thinking when I agreed to starting off with an hour long class for my very first one; however, I got through it and love the fact I did it 🙂  If my tushy ever stops hurting again, I’m definitely going to go to another one!  I’ll just have to remember to bring an extra water bottle – mine was completely empty by the time the class was over.  That’s what happens when I keep squirting the water on my forehead, neck, arms and chest to cool me down.  I used to bring a water bottle with me on my runs and would do the same thing, but now I’m able to run without needing a water bottle at all.  I’m hoping that it’s the same thing where I’ll only need to cool myself down with the water for a while and then get by with only drinking from the water bottle once I get my body adjusted to the class.

The Y that we went to yesterday is so much nicer than the one in my town! I was shocked as soon as I walked in the door.  I’m seriously thinking about getting my membership at yesterday’s gym (the college membership doesn’t allow you to go to other ymcas)  even though it’s about 35 minutes away.  It is closer to the campus where I’m taking all my classes this semester so I can always just make it so I go to the gym on my way to or from class.

Question: Would you settle for the gym closest to you even if it means not as nice of a gym, or would you travel 30 minutes to go to a nicer gym?
I didn’t check out the pool at the new one, but if it’s bigger, that may be a selling point for me.  I’m really wanting to start swimming again and the pool at the closer gym fills up pretty fast.


6 responses to “Mystery Workout Class Revealed

  1. Sammi, thanks for joining me in the cycling class. It was so much fun! Hey, you didn’t post a picture of the pecan brittle!xomom

  2. Sammi…they make padded bike shorts! I always joke that cycling is the ONLY sport where women actually pay to wear padded spandex!

    • *that* is what is special about bike shorts??? Wow. I feel slow. I knew they make bike shorts but I never thought to look up what is different about them! lol

  3. If you thought that Y was nice, I’ll have to take you to mine, it’s amazing!!!! You’ll have to come to a class with me sometime!

  4. I’d travel for a better gym especially since it’s near your classes! No idea on the bike bum thing, I think you just get used to it over time!

  5. I would love to try cycling! I know my aunt wears padded shorts to run outside.

    I would probably use a less nicer gym close to the home unless I had time and money to throw away.

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