This is my 100th post!  How spiffy 🙂

College applications  = not fun.  ‘Nuff said.

Today there was a small college fair at my school that included representatives from Norfolk State, Virginia Wesleyan, Regent, Old Dominion, and Christopher Newport.  My focus was obviously on Christopher Newport University.  I talked to the rep. from CNU and gave her my contact information so we can set up a tour!  I’ve been on the CNU campus before (back when I went to driving school… lol) but I’ve never seen the whole thing.  Hopefully, we’ll set something up for something in the near future!

I think I’m going to be in a permanent state of stress until the end of May (when I get my acceptance/denial letters).  They should arrive right in time for my birthday!

So correction to my last post: My mom and I aren’t going to a workout class tonight, we’re going tomorrow instead.  I thought we were going to both, but this will probably be for the best since I’ve heard it’s going to kick my butt!

Good-bye frogs,

Heeeello squirrels!

Can’t figure out what I’m talking about?

New shower curtain!

It feels great to have a shower curtain that isn’t disgusting on the inside! 🙂  Plus, You can’t go wrong with rectangular trees!

As I promised, food pictures!

Scrambled eggs with green peppers and mozzarella cheese, along with a buttered english muffin.  Yum yum yum!

Fried potato slices, two fried eggs and a piece of toast with kiwi apple jam.

Spinach burrito with rice and beans.

Whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce and a fake chicken patty.

Unfortunately, the “chicken” patty was finished before the rest of the meal was, so it was a little more cooked than I would have liked.

Fried egg and american cheese toasted english muffin sandwich.  Some thin apple slices with cinnamon raisin pb and a big ol’ glass of H2O

So, this post took way longer than expected!  That’s what happens when I try to type a post while filling out information on two college applications and FAFSA!

Time to get ready for Microeconomics class.  We have our first quiz tonight! 😦


6 responses to “100th!

  1. UGH! College apps…just get through it! 😦

  2. Congrats on your 100th post and good luck with the college apps!

  3. Congrats on 100 posts! NICE!

    Kiwi Apple jam??? where do you find it? Sounds fantastic!

    Good luck on the quiz!

    • It’s actually homemade 🙂 We grow kiwi and we got a ton of them this year so my dad has been making a LOT of jams and jellys with it! We also grow apples, but I’m not sure if they were homegrown or store bought that my dad used for the jam. Probably store bought since I think we’re all out of the ones we grew. 🙂

  4. Happy 100!

    I love that shower curtain!

    Good luck with the aps. It will be worth all the stress in the end!

    • Thanks! My sister orginially bought it but then her moving plans fell through so she sold it to me 🙂 I just can’t wait until it’s over! I sort of waited until the last minute for a lot of stuff 😦 lol

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