Level 1

That’s right. I just did my first 30 day shred workout!  It kicked my butt! Which obviously means it was awesome!

I’m gross and sweaty and smiling right now 🙂 Why did it take me this long to jump on the 30 day shred bandwagon? The dvd I’m using is actually Jordan’s which means I’m going to have to buy my own when she wants it back!

Does anyone else have a significant other than finds enjoyment in sabotoging food pictures?

At least it’s entertaining for me too!

Whitney has been making me want to try out Carraba’s for a while now; however, it’s about 40 minutes away and it was snowing so Jon Alan and I decided  to go to Anna’s instead.
As you may notice, I got my favorite, gnocchi.  We also had mozza sticks (surprise surprise!), but I neglected taking a picture of that as well as the house salad I consumed.  (I try not to bore you all TOO much)

Yesterday, I was put on belgian waffle duty while my dad made a million about 6 or 7 fried eggs for everyone.
You can’t go wrong with waffles and fried eggs!  I use the yolk as syrup & it’s delicious (until I run out of yolk, then I smother the rest with syrup!)

I slacked on pictures for the rest of the day so the rest of my superbowl day eats in list form:

  • some leftover gnocchi
  • corn bread
  • a baked potato with cheese & sour cream (at work)
  • a small bowl of chili with some more corn bread
  • a mini peppermint stick luna bar (this morning)

I woke up this morning to the sound of my dad asking my grandma how she likes her bacon, so of course I got out of bed and stumbled downstairs to get involved in the breakfast action

Scrambled eggs with smoked gouda cheese, bacon, toast layered with butter and homemade strawberry/kiwi jam.

Loving the homemade jams!  We have a nice little collection of different jams and jellies now!  I don’t know what we’re going to do with it all! Oh, that’s right.
We’re gonna eat it like it’s going out of style.
What’s that weird liquid in the green mug?

Coffee? Yes, coffee.  I’m still trying to get myself to like it.  The fact that I only drank about half of this mug shows that my taste for it still hasn’t developed yet.

I just realized it’s almost 3 in the afternoon and I haven’t had lunch yet.  What’s up with that?  Time to go downstairs and stare at the fridge until something pops out at me devour the rest of that gnocchi!

I hope everyone is having a great Monday!

p.s. – drift on over and enter this gorgeous girl‘s progresso soup giveaway!


5 responses to “Level 1

  1. Nithing beats Sunday breakfast…especially if Dad is cooking!

    Good for you and the shred.

    Have a great week

  2. Oh…that breakfast looks awesome!!! 🙂

  3. Put flavored creamer in your coffee to help (thats what I do). I personally like creme brulee, however right now we have fat free hazelnut and I’m lovin that too

  4. If the anna’s is in surry you are eating amazing FOOOD!!! and i’m really jealous.

    We will have to go on a run and then go to carrabas afterwards one day haha.
    Coffee takes some adjusting but once your addicted its BAD. I personally advise staying away from coffee as long as possible.

  5. isn’t the SHRED great?! it’s perfect when you just dont want to go through the process of going to the gym – and who doesn’t have 20 minutes?!

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