Superbowl Rookie

Just like the Saints (from what I was informed), I was a superbowl rookie tonight.


Congrats Saints fans!

I really don’t have a favorite team or anything like that, considering this was my first time ever even really watching a game.  Watching the superbowl tonight may have changed that.  It was so much more interesting than I ever expected!  My neighbor, Kathy, taught me what was going on when I got home tonight.  They kind of looked at me funny when I asked what circumstances results in them doing that whole kicking towards the goal thing 🙂  I feel like a pro now though.  Well, maybe not a pro but I feel like I could watch another game and actually know what was going on!

Well, work tonight wasn’t great.  I was reminded that a $105 bill doesn’t necessarily mean a $20 tip.  Tonight, it meant a $7 tip. Seriously? Come on people!  That’s not even 10%!  Ridiculous. I guess people don’t get the memo that waitresses often get $0.00 paychecks, meaning the tips our tables give us = the majority of our pay if not all of our pay.

Time to finish watching this episode of Supernanny and then go to sleep.

Good night!


4 responses to “Superbowl Rookie

  1. Ugh. I hate it when people are cheap and don’t tip well, and I am not even a waitress! We have friends who never leave a decent tip, so we always leave extra.

    • that’s so nice of you! I’ve done the same thing. I went out with a club that I was in back in high school and I left like a 40% tip to make up for how some of the other people acted! When my boyfriend and I go out to eat, usually we do it where whoever doesn’t pay for dinner leaves the tip (and we always tip at least 20%, even when the service sucks!) Being a waitress, I understand that sometimes it’s not the servers fault for the bad service (like when you get three tables at once on top of the tables you already have, and things like that)

  2. Bummer on the tip! That totally stinks! My husband worked his way through college in food service and so we ALWAYS tip well no matter what! Even if our service was less than stellar my husband always says that you don’t know what they are going through. Maybe they are having a bad day, maybe the kitchen was backed up, maybe someone else cancelened on their shift….so we always leave at least 15 to 20%.

    • I love hearing that people tip well no matter what! Some servers really are just horrible at waiting on tables; however, there are so many things that could cause bad service that people don’t take into account. Yesterday, I really did give them great service and still got treated like trash. Not cool. Hopefully your husband worked somewhere that usually resulted in good tips rather than bad ones!

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