On the ball

Guess who finally got an exercise ball!

Well if you guessed anyone other than me, that’d be kind of weird since it’s my blog, but if you guessed me, Congratulations you’re right!

It’s pretty awesome.  Really comfortable to lean against while watching Grey’s Anatomy.  Mainly I’ve been using it for exercising though.

I got a nice workout just pumping up the thing.  Not fun.

This was kind of an impulse purchase.  That’s what happens when I go to CVS.  I walk in for tampons (tmi, sorry)  and walk out with an exercise ball, a set of two water bottles (which I LOVE), nail polish, a desk organizer & of course tampons.  There may have been more… oh yeah, pens.  I got more pens for work.

The water bottles are by rubbermaid and they’re awesome.  Easiest water bottle I’ve ever had to wash.  The size is perfect for the cup holders in my car & I don’t have a problem at all getting ice into the bottle.  They hold a little over 20 oz and they’re helping me stay hydrated, something I’ve always had a problem with.  I would HIGHLY recommend picking up a set.

I had a bowl of ice cream the other day with a couple cookies crumbled up on top.  Delicious.  Vanilla fudge swirl ice cream 🙂

Used up some more of the pizza dough

Broccoli & black beans = an amazing pizza.

I was hungry after working out the other night so I turned down the sweets craving and decided to have corn instead.

It surprisingly hit the spot.

A blogger favorite, oatmeal.

Sprinkled a lot of cinnamon in the water while waiting for it to boil and then topped with cinnamon raisin pb & homemade kiwi jam.  The jam was delicious in the oatmeal!

Grilled New York Strip seasoned with montreal steak seasoning with peas.

This picture is from… yesterday? Yeah, yesterday.  I’m having a repeat of this right now though.

Banana and peanut butter, when it’s good, it’s good.

Banana Oat Muffins. The only change I made was I used traditional oats instead of rolled oats.  If that’s the same thing, don’t make fun of me.  I have no idea when it comes to the different types of oats.

So good.

Scrambled eggs with cheese and black beans in a tortilla for dinner last night.

Followed by another muffin.  I can’t help it!  They’re addicting!

Yesterday,  my grandma and Leonard (her husband) drove up from Orlando.  If you read the posts I wrote showing my food while I was visiting them for the Disney Marathon, you probably remember all of the sweets that I pigged out on.  When they left to go pick up some donuts this morning I stayed home to eat something a little bit healthier and exercise so I wouldn’t feel as bad about eating donuts when they got back.

Scrambled eggs with cheese &…

Cholula Aka: the best hot sauce I’ve ever tried (ignore the fact that I haven’t tried very many different types of hot sauces).

The exercising lately has kind of just been whatever I think of doing.  I’m not really counting reps or anything like that.  I feel like I’m less likely to exercise when I have a set schedule of what I have to do.  I’d rather just go with the flow and enjoy it.

Something weird happened yesterday.  I was talking to my dad while he was getting ready to leave for work and I stepped on the scale for fun and was shocked by what I saw.  116.6 lbs… what? When did that happen? I was expecting it to be around 120 or so.  Although I don’t go by weight when it comes to how I view my fitness, it was a nice little surprise.

Well time to go to the bank and get rid of some of my cash $$$ & checks.

Do you stay hydrated using reusable water bottles?  How big of a change did you see in your hydration situation? (har-har, I should be a poet)
If you have an exercise ball, what’s your favorite workout using it?


6 responses to “On the ball

  1. I love my exercise ball…it is great for everything. You can use a ball instead of a bench for everything! But my favorite exericse is to stand (full erect) on it. It works your stomach SO GOOD to balance like that!!

    Oh…and seriously cholula IS THE BEST HOT SAUCE EVER!!!!!!

  2. That is the same water bottle I use. I’ve had it for a few years. I fill it up about 4 times a day 🙂 I always have it with me, so I am super hydrated.

    I used an exercise ball for the first time today to do crunches with a chest fly. I liked it!

  3. this is why we get along so well- WE HAVE THE SAME MIDDLE NAME!!!!
    travis barker?!?! THANKS. THANKS. =D
    YAY FOR EXERCISE BALLS! my ab circuit tha ti like to do involves those balls. great balls of fire! FIRE!
    i gotta get with you on the partying! AFTER THIS DAMN ASSIGNMENT!

    • hahahaha. I mean travis barker just makes tons of sense right? right? lol. giiiiirl, you need to tell me exactly what I should do for my ab routine. I’m so lost. you’re my personal trainer right? [rrrrright? lol] teach me 🙂 wait, i thought partying was the assignment? lol

  4. Your muffins, kiwi jam, and banana with pb look great! Good for you for refueling with some veggies, every once in a while I do that and it feels so good 🙂

    • Thanks for checking out my blog! I’m going to have to head on over to yours after I finish typing this! I was honestly shocked when the corn ended up being satisfying enough for me to not go back downstairs for a big bowl of ice cream after 🙂

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