College Confusion

When it came to graduating high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.  I knew college was a must for me; however, when it came to which college or what I wanted to go to school for, I basically had no idea.  In the end, I decided that going to a local community college for two years while I got some of the general classes out of the way would be the best choice.  During my time in college, I have decided that accounting is what I really want to do.  Unfortunately that leaves me with additional problems.

My first choice is, in my opinion, the god of all local business colleges: Mason School of Business of the College of William & Mary. As soon as I began to want to go there, I knew that it was going to be a stretch.  My grades are pretty good but not quite W&M good.

Friday was spent driving to Williamsburg, getting lost looking for places to park on campus, going to lunch with a current W&M transfer student and two other prospective transfer students, walking through the grounds on a tour of the campus and listening to an information session, along with a Q&A, specifically for other prospective transfers.  I’ve lived in VA all my life; however, I’m not sure if I’ve ever actually seen the campus.  It’s amazingly gorgeous.  I never thought that I would actually fall for a school like I did when I went there on Friday.  During the information session, the head of admissions gave us all the details on what she looks for when she looks through all of the transfer applications.  I know it would be hard for me to get in, but listening to her really made me feel like it was possible.  Then it came to the problem that I never even thought about.  Did you know that it’s even harder to get into the business school at W&M than it is to get into W&M itself?  3.7 GPAs and up?  I felt like I was stupid for even thinking I could get in to begin with.  What’s the point of even trying to go there if it’s nearly impossible for me to get accepted right now for the program that I want to go there for?

I’m still going to apply to William & Mary and see what happens.  I’ve been looking into other schools and I know that the world isn’t going to end or anything if I don’t get to go to my first choice.  I wish I had realized that before freaking out on  the drive home on Friday.  When I left, I was still excited from being on campus; however, it was like as soon as my car left the area, my emotions went crazy.  Crying was definitely involved way more than it should have been.

Something I discovered looking up schools:
Christopher Newport University is way better of a school than I was thinking.  I was already planning on applying there but now I’m really wanting to look into it further.

Onto a lighter subject… Can you believe that I went to visit the second oldest college in the country and I didn’t even take one picture?  Who am I kidding, with my track record, this probably doesn’t surprise any of you!  When really special things happen, I tend to forget about photographing it.  Example: Did I remember to take any pictures of people I know at the Disney Marathon? Of course not.

Well, I’m sure that won’t be my last time visiting that school so I’ll have to go picture crazy next time!

Happy note:

My town is covered in snow!  It’s lovely and heavenly and beautiful and I don’t want it to go away [yet] 🙂

Snow means:

  • wandering around the end of the driveway with Lexi looking for the newspaper (it ended up being a few hours late today),
  • beautiful scene while hot tubbing,
  • an excuse to use the fireplace
  • no work yesterday or today
  • no school tomorrow
  • no running 😦
  • sore back and arms from shoveling snow
  • being home while desperate housewives is on tv!

Jon Alan got his haircut today.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen it this short before (other than in pictures) but I actually really like it!  He won’t let me post a picture of it though.  It’s a little shorter than he likes.

Some pictures now:

Cottage cheese with kiwi and strawberries.  Just about the best thing ever.


This was the result of me wandering into the organic section of farm fresh.  A wonderful result it was.  Those pancakes for some reason reminded me of blueberry waffles.  Not really sure why flax = blueberry for my taste buds but I’m not complaining.
The banana babies was just as good as I was expecting.  The frozen banana on the inside reminded me of ice cream at first 🙂
VitaTops… Yeah, they’re amazing.  I want to try every flavor now!  I think I’m still in a bit of denial when it comes to how good they are for you. How can something this delicious be that good for me?

Jon Alan picked up these.  I’m not crazy about the top two.  The pineapples are really good but they added sugar so of course they’re the best.

A VitaTop with strawberry cheesecake ice cream in the middle!

Ihop coffee.  I’m trying to get myself to like coffee. It wasn’t horrible but not amazing.

Cheesecake pancakes!  These, were amazing.

Dried fruit with peanut butter

Chicken, ham, and bean soup

My all time favorite

Instant oatmeal (don’t remember what flavor) with banana and cinnamon raisin peanut butter

The rest of that can of tomato soup + veggies, grilled cheese & a vitamin

The proper only way to eat grilled cheese and tomato soup

My dad and I drove over to a field near our neighborhood to get an area ready for going goose hunting Friday morning.

Lexi was definitely enjoying being out there.

Not tooooo obvious lol.

We ended up not getting anything on Friday but we weren’t really expecting to.


That’s not all of the pictures I have taken since my last post BUT my room is a wreck (in the middle of cleaning it) and I feel like I’ve been working on this post foreverrrrr (I kind of started it Friday night, worked on it last night and again this morning) so I’m going to post this now and I’ll just leave you all with a to be continued…

A little of what will be in the next post:

Snow pictures & quite a bit more food pictures


12 responses to “College Confusion

  1. Yum…I love posts filled with good eats!!!

  2. pizza looks awesome! William and Mary is a beautiful campus but it is extremely challenging to get into. I know CNU is probably not your favorite but they are extremely reputable with their school of business and school in general. If you are looking for a place close to home CNU is a shot. The school of business is no breeze though. I was in it and got my butt handed to me every single day.

    • really? that’s not good. I figure any business schools will be really hard though from what I’ve heard. (which is weird considering those have been the easiest classes I’ve taken so far. I guess the teachers I have right now just don’t challenge us AT ALL because they don’t really give any work to speak of). How hard is it to get into the school of business?

      • I think you have to have a 3.0 to get in which is not bad at all. Finance, business law, and accounting is what I hated. Plus I just don’t like group projects. I am pretty independent but let me tell you CNU is not a college atmosphere school

      • That’s a relief about the GPA lol. Accounting is what I want to do so hopefully I’ll enjoy those classes. Finance… not so much. I hated macroeconomics but that was partially because of the teacher. She’s a lot better in the classroom than she is online so I’m doing a lot better with micro this semester. I don’t like group projects either but I’d probably have to deal with that no matter where I go. That sucks that it’s not a college atmosphere. I guess I’ll have to figure out how important that is to me. What did you end up changing your major to after you decided not to do business?

  3. goose hunting…how FUN

    cheesecake pancakes…OH MY GOODNESS
    coffee…if you can live without it…why TRY and like it!

    I know you’ll find a school that fits you perfect. good for you!!!!

    Happy Monday!

    • I don’t know lol. Drinking coffee just sounds like fun to me for some reason. Once I go off to a 4 year school I may need it to help me stay up and study! Happy monday to you too!

  4. There is no harm in applying! 🙂 Have second options, but try your hardest to get your first choice!

    • I’m definitely going to TRY to get in 🙂 I just have to make sure not to have another emotional breakdown if I don’t get in! I’m going to work really hard on the essay portion of the application to try and get in though!

  5. Thanks from all of us at Diana’s Bananas for your support! Glad that you like them! You can join our official facebook page to get updates on sales and promotions and other news.

    Happy Running!
    Susan Burns
    Social Marketing, Diana’s Bananas

    • Susan Burns, Thank you so much for noticing! They’re really delicious! I completely forget about how healthy they are every time I bite into them! I unfortunately don’t have facebook; however, if you ever do any giveaways or anything like that, I’d love to host one on my blog!


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