Package revealed

In my last post, I mentioned a package that came in the mail.

Bot Beverages from Meghann‘s giveaway!

The box came with eight of them altogether, two of each flavor.  So far I’ve tried grape, berry and lemon, grape being my favorite.  They’re actually quite good.  Really refreshing and a nice change from plain water.  The grape one reminded me of medicine a little but it still ended up my favorite out of the three I’ve tried.

I liked that the flavoring wasn’t overwhelming like the other drinks of this nature that I’ve had before.  This isn’t a type of product that I would normally go out and buy, but if you’re into drinks like this, I really would recommend it. 

A recap of what’s been going on since my last post:

  • A lot of reading
  • Jon Alan time
  • Grocery shopping
  • School
  • Reading
  • Work
  • Homework
  • Nail painting 🙂
  • & again, reading

That basically sums it up.

When I was little, I HATED reading.  As you can all see, that has changed over the years.  If I find a good book, it’s hard for me to put it down until it’s finished.  I actually blow dried my hair and got dressed for work while reading once twice this week.

Yesterday was interesting. I was pretty much just relaxing and having a “me day” after my statistics class.  This involved painting my nails, catching up on my tv shows, taking a nice relaxing shower and chasing Lexi around the yard a little.  Well right after I got out of the shower, my friend Danielle from work texted me asking if I was coming in.  I pretty much freaked out when I got that text.  When this new semester started, I gave my new school schedule to the manager that makes the schedule and I wrote that I can now work on Tuesdsays and Thursdays instead of Wednesdays.  Well I guess I completely spaced out yesterday because I forgot all about me being on the schedule for 5:30 Tuesday night. I rushed to get ready for work and ended up making it there within  10 minutes of her texting me.

My dad and I went for a really nice run this morning.  We went around the 2.5 mile loop and then went through the trails near my neighborhood before heading home.

Distance: 5.62 miles
Time: 59 minutes 11 seconds

Not the best time but considering we ran about half of it through trails (which are full of hills) and I haven’t ran as much as I should have lately, I’m pretty happy with how I did this morning.  My legs are definitely feeling it today. Which is a soreness that I have really been missing lately.

Breakfast was delicious and extremely fruity.

Kiwi & strawberries, oatmeal with apples & cinnamon raisin peanut butter, and toast with butter and homemade strawberry kiwi daiquiri jam.
I thought about having eggs but decided that I wanted oatmeal so I could put some of that new peanut butter on it.

Match made in heaven.

It ended up being way too much food though.

Now for my eats since my last post (just a few of the blogworthy ones)

Leftover marinated lamb chops, 1/2 a sweet potato with cinnamon and butter and peas 🙂

My dad made some homemade jam & jelly

Jon Alan and I made sloppy joes.  Okay, he made them while I washed dishes and fed Lexi.

Leftover sloppy joes with leftover chinese broccoli.

Time to go help my dad with some yardwork.

I do have a question though:
Do you, or anyone you know, ever go into a coughing fit when you get back from running?

I’ve been going through cough drops like crazy after my runs lately.


10 responses to “Package revealed

  1. What great looking food! And great job your run…I still think it is adorable that you run with your Dad! 🙂

    I am sorry about the coughing thing…I haven’t ever heard of that…allergies?? maybe??

  2. hmm nope. no coughing. is it smoggy near you? hmm.

    PEANUT BUTTER AND BANANA! best combo ever! i might just go eat one RIGHT NOW.

  3. Glad you got your Bot waters! 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh! I am so happy you made it in to work. When I was with my mom on Monday, the dentist called her because she forgot about her appt. and she felt SO BAD! I felt so bad for her!

    I was just reading about another blogger who has coughing fits.

    • I missed my gyno appointment not too long ago due to oversleeping because I forgot about the appointment! That sucks for your mom 😦 I hate when that happens (and I definitely know what it feels like.. lol)

      do you remember who the other blogger was?

  5. That happens to me when its cold and I’ve been running for a while and then stop, i think it b/c im catching my breath while feeling congested from the cold….maybe this is whats happening to you?
    AHH I love reading I have been doing a lot more of it too, I have always loved it, such a wonderful addition to my day!! What kinds of books do you tend toward??
    Sounds like a good run to me! And with hills, *vitural pat on the back* hehe h =D
    Also verry impressive? Getting to work and ready in 10 min! haha that takes skill. Have a great day!! ❤ ❤

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one it happens to! That’s probably what is causing it for me as well. I guess I’ll have to wait a couple months before I know for sure. I read a lot of vampire books lol. The series that I was reading this past week was Vampire Academy. Right now I’m trying to read the books that True Blood is based off of but it’s kind of boring right now since the first book is pretty much the first season. I also read the “Private” series and the “Privileged” series. (Normally, I don’t read books that aren’t part of a series because I hate when they end! lol) What about you?

  6. Those “bot” drinks are so cute! I love how they each have their own little robot guy on them =)

    I’ve never coughed after my run, but I have had trouble breathing during them. Whenever there’s a “low air quality” warning, it’s so difficult! Ugh air pollution… =(

    • Thankfully I live in a small town that doesn’t really have much air pollution in my immediate area but there is a slaughterhouse that makes the air smell HORRIBLE sometimes. It’s so hard to run when it smells too gross to breathe! Do you have a lot of air pollution in your area?

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