Hit or Miss

I know, I know.  Bad blogger. I’ve been slacking for the past few days.  Never give me a good book if you want me to blog regularly.

The new book:
Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. Amazing. I’m loving it.

It’s gotten me pretty addicted though and I have been having a hard time putting it down.  It’s not good when I’m driving down the road and start to wonder how bad it would be if I tried reading while driving.  I decided it probably wasn’t a good idea though!

I made it back to VA with no problems 🙂  Each flight had enough empty seats for me to be allowed on.

Back up a little though…

I decided not to try and make it to Disney before the marathon started.  Instead we woke up a little later and started to pile on the clothing.

Fuzzy socks & boots.  Ended up not being as warm as I was hoping.  My feet were the only part FREEZING.

Long sleeved shirt + a sweater

Janell and I getting ready…

Nice and warm!

Went to Denny’s on the way.
My breakfast started off with a cup of hot tea

I got the make your own grand slam with Hearty Wheat Pancakes, a biscuit, scrambled eggs and turkey bacon.  Yum 🙂  My taste buds were very happy at the end of that.

The Disney Marathon was AWESOME!

Watching all those people hobble across the finish line in pain really made me want to get out and run.  Not even kidding.  It was probably one of the most inspiring moments of my life.  Especially seeing the grins some of the runners were sporting.  I got a video of the winner going by and he looked like he was having a blast.  Then there were some not so happy but still amazing moments.  Like when I saw a woman going by being helped by two fellow marathoners.  I don’t believe they knew each other which made it even more heartwarming.         ((The picture above is the female winner running by))

The first person I knew that I saw go by was Whitney!  I was kind of in shock when I saw her because I never realized she was THAT fast (I believe she went by before the 4 hour mark).  Then Meghann went by all smiles and sunshine!  Followed by Caitlin and Lauren who looked like they were kicking some butt.  Being a bad blogger, I completely forgot about taking pictures when I saw people I knew.  My cousin wasn’t liking the cold very much so eventually I gave in and said we could leave.

Congratulations to everyone!  You definitely inspire me to get out there and complete one myself!  Disney next year maybe?

Once I got back to my aunt’s house, I layed down on the carpet in the sunlight with the dogs and ended up crashing.

It was a very nice and cozy!  Getting up and away from the sunlight was not too great though.  I think being in the cold at Disney made me cold for a while longer than it should have!

My grandma and Leonard

Lunch time

My dad and I ended up going running Sunday afternoon.   Unfortunately, my garmin wasn’t charged (oops!) so it died before we even hit the mile mark.  Ended up running for about 42 minutes so I’m guessing it was around 4.2 miles or so.  I went out in my long shorts and a long sleeved t-shirt and by the end I was burning up!  It’s pretty bad when it’s too hot for me to run in January down in Fl0rida.  I loved the change of scenery though and really wished I took my camera along with us.

Woke up waaaay too early the next morning in order to get to the airport for my dad to go to work.  I took the flight that he was flying 🙂 and then watched as the plane taxied out for him to leave on his next flight

Couldn’t get a very good picture of him in the cockpit but I promise he was in there 🙂

Jon Alan picked me up from the airport and took me over to Fresh Market.  That store is AMAZING.  So many goodies that Farm Fresh doesn’t sell.  I bought a great little treat for the oatmeal I ate this morning.

Not just any old peanut butter though…

This peanut butter is delicious on oatmeal! Hit! I tried eating it just out of the jar and it felt kind of grainy so I was worried but it is really good in oatmeal.

Monday was the start of classes and wasn’t too exciting.  Yesterday was the first day of my statistics class… yeah, note to self: check the class time.  I thought the class was from 12:30-1:45 but found out it was actually 11:00-12:15.  Miss. Thankfully I was able to talk to the teacher and he assured me I didn’t miss anything.  It was basically just an introduction class.

Then I went over to Wal Mart to look for the second Vampire Academy book.  Miss. They had all of the books EXCEPT the one I wanted!  So then I drove 30 minutes to the mall to look at Target and see if they had it.  They had the 1st book and the 3rd. Another miss. Thankfully, I went over to B. Dalton and they were having a 50% off going out of business sale.  The only book out of the series they had was the one I was looking for!  Hit!

Went running with my dad today.  It kind of sucked.  Only went once around the loop which is 2.64 miles in 26 minutes 11 seconds. Not horrible but I was extremely tired when I got back home.

My windshield is getting replaced tomorrow!  It got cracked back when I went to northern VA for shopping with my mom and sisters a while back and then it got worse from having to defrost my car.  Hopefully they’ll get here and finish before I have to leave for class but I may end up having to borrow one of my dad’s cars to go to school if they aren’t finished in time.  My car is a stick so it’s so weird to have to drive automatics now!

Well I’m exhausted for some reason.

Good night everyone!

P.S. – Since getting back, I received a very special and exciting package! I’ll tell you all about it in my next post 🙂


5 responses to “Hit or Miss

  1. what a great trip and I am so happy going to watch the marathon inspired you! I am SURE I would have felt the same way!

    good for you!

    your hit’s and misses cracked me up!

  2. Yay….glad you’re back! You trip sounded (and looked) like a lot of fun! That peanut butter soudns delish too…gonna have to try that ASAP!

  3. Ooo, what is the package? 🙂

    Watching races is so inspiring! So is volunteering at one! I need to do that more this year 🙂

  4. HAHA good choice not reading while driving! 😉
    YAY! Congrats on completing the marathon thats wonderful! I ❤ the pix of you all bundled up hehe!
    Ahh FL, warmth, sunligh! Im going in Feb and I CANNOT wait!!! ❤ ❤

    • Oh I didn’t RUN in the marathon lol. I just went and watched the other bloggers run it 🙂 One day I will though! Just not yet! Hopefully it’ll be warmer for you than it was for me!

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