Hello Orlando!

I made it!

From the beginning…

Wow. Sorry for the blurry picture.  I must have been more tired than I thought!
My dad made me my current favorite – Scrambled eggs with cheese and broccoli!
With a side of kiwi, banana and strawberry slices

Yummy but way too much for that early in the morning!  I ate most of it though.

My dad ended up taking me to the airport because he needed to go by there anyway to drop off some kiwi for a lady that works there.

Stopped at the magazine area to buy some reading material.
Read it all on the first plane.  Then again on the second 🙂

Walked downstairs to the gate and found my dad sitting down there waiting for me.  I didn’t realize he was planning on going through security to wait with me lol.

Leaving Charlotte was interesting.

  1. I went up to the desk at the gate and they gave me a seat assignment right away.  It was pretty awesome not having to go through the whole “will I get on this flight or what?” ((explaination: My dad’s a pilot for US Airways, which means, we fly standby.  If a flight is full, I don’t get on it.  That has made for some very interesting days sitting at the airport trying to get on any available flight to wherever we’re going; however, it’s also the only reason I was able to come down to Orlando))
  2. We taxied out and were waiting in line (or so I thought) when the flight attendants started walking around asking if anyone 0n board knew Spanish fluently.  Once they finally found someone, they had him make an announcement.  Then they started going through some of the bags in the overheads asking who owned which bags.  Apparently, there were two Spanish speaking passengers that had been on the plane when it landed in Charlotte and they got off the plane but were supposed to be on the flight going to Orlando.  They missed the flight so we had to find out which bags belonged to those passengers so we could go back to the gate and drop off the mystery bags.  An hour later… we were up in the air and on our way to Orlando.

Florida 🙂

My grandma surprised me by meeting me in the airport.

At my aunt’s house right now.  Time to get my face out of the computer and hang out with everyone!

We went to a restaurant tonight that I’ve never heard of before (I guess it’s popular down here) so I’ll let you all know about that in my next post!


3 responses to “Hello Orlando!

  1. YAY for getting in orlando! WOO WOOOOO!!!!! i would never travel by myself. i’m that lame.

    • The thought of traveling by myself scared me when I was little just because of having to connect to a different flight but it really isn’t that bad!

  2. YAY…glad you made it safe! Can’t wait to hear about your trip!!

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