Cold day + hot tub = heaven

I’m leaving for Orlando, Florida tomorrow!

My dad and I just checked flight times but I haven’t decided on a time yet.  I’m going to call my Grandma a little later and see what time would be best for her to pick me up from the airport 🙂  I personally feel like “the earlier, the better” but we’ll have to see. Unfortunately, my dad isn’t coming with me on this trip which means I have to follow the rules about how much liquid I can take.  Looks like I’ll be going out and getting a travel size bottle of contact solution.  Actually, I could always buy contact solution there and then just take it back with me since I’ll be flying back with my dad.   Decisions, decisions.

I was woken up this morning a little before 8 am to go running!

It was 25*F when I looked at the temperature so I went ahead and wore my long shorts, long sleeve shirt, a jacket, gloves and a headband.

I just realized I took the picture before I put on the headband.  Oops.  (just imagine this picture with a pink headband going across my ears!)

By the time we got home, I was carrying my gloves, jacket and headband and I was wanting to take my shirt off!

Something must be wrong with me, I burn up when I run!  This was my first run since the 10k I ran last Friday and it felt great to get out and run again!  Around the 0.8 mile mark I asked my dad if we could get a little adventurous and take a new route.  We went down towards a slaughterhouse and turned around when the smell started to get to us and then we turned back and went around town a little more before heading home.  The topic of going through the trails near my neighborhood came up but we decided not to (or else I would have had to take a porta potty break).

Hot tub = really nice after running.

Breakfast this morning:

Scrambled eggs with broccoli and cheese

& 3 kiwis cut up with half a banana

& a big glass of water!

I’m going to make dinner for my dad and Jon Alan using one of the recipes out of one of my new cookbooks!  I still haven’t decided what I’m going to make yet so that’s just going to have to be a surprise!
(actually, I started this post a few hours ago, so I’ve decided on dinner by now.)

I just got back from signing up for all my classes.  This semester I’ll be taking:

  • Principles of Microeconomics
  • Accounting II
  • Principles of Business Administration
  • Statistics

Statistics is going to be my first math class since I took AP calculus my senior year of high school which was a couple years ago.  Meaning: I’m scared.

My plan to go to St. Maarten’s probably isn’t going to happen.  Going there would mean I wouldn’t get back until Tuesday night; however, I have accounting Monday night and statistics Tuesday afternoon.  Missing my first accounting class would be fine, missing my first statistics class probably wouldn’t be so fine.

Well, time to go start getting stuff ready for dinner tonight!  My dad picked up the meat portion but I need to go pick up the veggies.


4 responses to “Cold day + hot tub = heaven

  1. hahah I BURN up when i run too! it’s crazy!

    hey do you steam your brock ‘fore you put it in your eggs? i ALMOST did that today buti was like, dude, i’m not waiting 5 minutes to steam brock i’ll just eata carrot later. WHICH I DID.
    sorry bout stats- i hated that class! so hard!

    • today, I prepared the broccoli different than I usually do. For today’s: butter went in the pan and melted and then broccoli was added until it started browning and crisping and then in went the egg mixture. In the past, I put a little olive oil in the pan, then about a tablespoon of water and then the broccoli until the broccoli was getting soft and then I added the eggs. Those are the fastest/easiest ways for me. When I cooked broccoli for spaghetti though, I boiled the broccoli in some water and then spooned them out, cooked the noodles in the water the broccoli was cooked in, drained the spaghetti when it was done, put it back in the pot, add in the broccoli and sauce and heat up everything together.

  2. Let me know when you’re planning on getting home so I know how much stuff to bring with me when I pet sit!

  3. I think it is SO cute that you run with your dad! Have a SAFE and FUN trip!! 🙂

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