Award sesssion!

Tra gave me the Happy 101 award!

10 things that make me happy. And do one today.

  1. The boyfriend 🙂 (I know, gotta be all cheesy.  I like cheesy though!)
  2. Running, of course!
  3. Trying out new workouts and actually liking them! (did that this morning.  I’ve tried the elliptical before and didn’t enjoy it but I gave it a try again today and really liked it!)
  4. Comments, emails, texts, phone calls, etc. Makes people feel loved!
  5. Animals (especially ones that like me)
  6. Races! (wish I could do one of those today!)
  7. TV (Which I watch waaaay too much of!)
  8. Shopping (did that yesterday.)
  9. Ice cream! (I guess I got a little too excited when I wrote that one, I somehow turned on the italics and now it won’t turn back off! oops!)
  10. Making new friends (Which I will hopefully be doing a lot of this weekend when I’m down in Orlando for the Disney Marathon! – for first time readers, I’m not running in it, just going to cheer everyone on!)

and now for tagging people! I’m going to try not to tag people that have already been tagged from my knowledge.

Whitney (She lives really close to me!)

Kim (She writes interesting, insightful posts and is an extremely nice person!)

Shari (A personal trainer that has a body to strive for!)

Cindy (A mother of two, one of which is an adorable little boy that is regularly featured on the blog)

Fattie Fatterton (I know her real name but I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be on the down low.  She’s hilarious and super sweet!)

Kelly from Healthy Living with Kelly (A runner/foodie with recipes I would actually be willing to try!)

Maria (She’s living in Japan right now! How awesome is that?)

Kelly from Peanut Butter Bliss (Just started reading hers and I really like it so far!)

Kristin (She takes gorgeous pictures! I really should ask her what kind of camera she uses!)

Stephanie (A CPA that lives less than two hours away from me! For those that don’t know, accounting is my career goal right now!)

If you could give an award to any blogger, who would you give it to and why?


5 responses to “Award sesssion!

  1. YOU ARE TOO SWEET! Thank you! I was awarded this by someone else, but maybe I can make a new list. They are SO FUN to make!

    I think I can relate to your ENTIRE list! Hee hee. Oh ice cream. I thought I would never have it again when I became vegan but there are SO MANY GOOD vegan ice creams. It’s crazy!

    Thanks again 🙂

  2. HHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA =D yayyayay you deserved it you hot mama!!!!!

    ice cream In ITALICS made me laugh out loud. i too LOVE running. and texts. =D

  3. THANK YOU for giving me award! That makes me SMILE 🙂 I also liked your 10 things list..especially the ice cream one! Me too! What’s your favorite flavor? Mine would definitely be butter pecan! YUM!

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