Out of the Ordinary

After writing the first part of this post, I realized it was a lot more “venty” than I intended.  I’ve decided not to delete it though so… If you don’t want to read my drawn out rant, feel free to scroll down to the food pictures 🙂

This morning, I went to let Lexi inside and looked up to see my neighbor’s horse and pony in my front yard

then I see the neighbor (whose name I’m going to shorten to T for this post) riding her bike up my driveway.  I went inside and called my mom to tell her what was happening and she told me that my sister Jordan accidentally let the horse and pony out.  (Jordan lives in the apartment over my neighbor’s antique car garage.  She has her own little driveway and usually the horses don’t go near her but this time they decided to escape when she opened the gate to leave for work).  She also told me that Jordan said the horses were probably out looking for water because she saw that their water bucket was flipped over with a block of ice sitting next to it.

The horses eventually went over to our other neighbor’s backyard (which they would have been LIVID about if they saw) and T was riding through my backyard to get to them.  Once they were back in their yard, I saw their dog running down the street by himself.

I started to get my breakfast ready but then the door bell rang.  T was at the door.  How lovely.  (read: major sarcasm)  She first wished me a happy new year and then went on to ask if Jordan can call my dad and me next time the horses get out so we can come and help.  1: my dad isn’t even home so it would just be me and 2: why is she acting like this is my fault?  I asked her if Jordan called them when this happened and she said that Jordan called P (the man whose house it is, I won’t get into the confusing details of T and P’s relationship) but it takes more than one person to get the horses back and T was sleeping.  I tried to get her to explain why P didn’t wake her up but she never did explain.  Then she goes on to talk about what Jordan needs to do so the horses won’t get out.  I asked her to talk to Jordan about it and she said she doesn’t have her number.  Which has me thinking, I’m pretty sure she knows where Jordan lives.  I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure lol.

P.S. – while I was writing this post, my mom called to tell me that T just called her at work to tell her that she was mad about the way I was talking to her.  My mom responded by saying that I’m 19 years old and if T has a problem with the way I was talking to her, then she needs to talk to me about it but that she would still say something to me.  My response: I was irritated.  When I’m irritated, I’m not going to sugar coat things to spare T’s feelings when I don’t want to.  The way T was talking to me was as if it’s my responsibility to get her horses back.  If I knew Jordan was the one that let them out, I would have gone and helped.  If T asked for my help, I would have helped.  I’ve helped before when the horses have gotten out and no one was home.  It’s not like I see the horses in danger and just ignore it.  I’ve called P many times to tell him that the horses were out.  Honestly, previous times that I’ve tried to help, it has just pushed the horses further away from the neighborhood.
Then she told my mom that Jordan should put boiling water in the bucket so it doesn’t turn into ice.
WHAT? They are NOT Jordan’s horses.  Jordan is basically just a tenant living in the backyard.  Does T want Jordan to feed their dog as well?  Seriously, I don’t understand people.
Ever since T moved in with her young son, they’ve had various animals that they allow to basically destroy their house and yard until the animal finally runs away.  They had a rabbit that they apparently let out and it never came back; plus, I’m not sure what happened to their first dog.  It’s pretty ridiculous.

Out of the ordinary x 3.

[End of rant]

Once I got finished talking to her I wasn’t in the mood to actually cook anything.  Instead, I made a sandwich that I’ve been wanting for the past couple weeks now.

Peanut butter, banana, honey and granola sandwich 🙂

It’s my homemade version of Tropical Smoothie’s Peanut Butter Banana Crunch Flatbread.

It would have been soooo much better on flatbread but all I had was whole wheat bread so I used that instead.

Slathered the pb on both pieces of bread and then added the slices of banana and sprinkled on the granola

Then on went the




Amazing and delicious.
(and a little bit out of the ordinary for me)

Plans for today: going shopping with my friend Melinda!  I got some gift cards for Christmas that I’ll forget about the longer that I have them so I’m going to be trying to use those up today!

I hope you all have a great day which doesn’t involve annoying converstations with neighbor’s 🙂


8 responses to “Out of the Ordinary

  1. remember that evil side of me I mentioned in my last post? I don’t let people project on to me or others what is THEIR resp.


    I would have ranted too. have fun shopping. I need a shopping day! BAD!

  2. Yay for ranting…it is just one of those days!! 🙂

  3. T is not worth all that ranting, honey. (said in my best “T” bloody English accent) No offense to any English readers. T lived in England for a very short time and she loves talking like Madonna. ! Actually, I’ve been ranting the same to my co-workers since she called me on my cell phone. My blood pressure went sky high. Breath!!! The only reason I let her “scold” me is because she is 1 day older than me. HA!!!

  4. I mean breathe.

  5. T just sounds a bit crazy!

    LOL. I love your mom’s comment.

  6. I really do hate those stupid ponies. And I actually let them out last night, when I was coming home from work/the gym, but P’s told me before that if they get out to leave the gate open and they’ll eventually come home, so I was hoping they’d be back by the time I left for work… I’m just going to park in the driveway from now on.

  7. fattiefatterton

    Okay, the best part was reading your mom’s and sister’s posts.

    It’s all good chica, you’re allowed to vent. 🙂

  8. Great idea with the sandwich! It looks yummy 😉

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