New Years Day [First] 10k

I did it!!!

My first 10k…

  • incredible
  • exhausting
  • amazing
  • draining
  • energizing

At the end, I thought I was going to puke.  Or pass out.  Or both.  I did neither 🙂

The night before meant carbo loading,

Whole grain spaghetti with broccoli and tomato sauce.

With a big glass of water for hydration.  Very tasty!

That night I went to sleep pretty early (especially for new years eve!)  I believe it was around 10:30 pm.
Going to sleep that early meant one thing: I woke up at 6 am and couldn’t go back to sleep!  Oh well.  More time to get ready!

The morning of:

A bowl of oatmeal with a banana (cut up the banana and put it in the oatmeal after I took this picture.

Then I packed Lexi up in the car and we headed out for the hour and a half drive to Midlothian, VA.

Had to stop for a bathroom break because for some reason I never caught onto the whole “go to the bathroom before you leave the house” thing.

Met up with my dad and we headed over to the race.  Before every race I have the hardest time figuring out what to wear.  Should I leave my jacket on or leave it in the car?  I chose not to wear it and instead just go out in my tank top and running skirt.  This ended up being the right decision for me; however, I should have worn gloves!  My hands were freezing and for the first mile I was thinking about how horrible it would be for my hands to fall off.  (That didn’t happen, thankfully.  No hands = not good for a blogger!)
Does anyone else have a hard time figuring out what to wear? For me, the problem is seeing everyone else wearing long sleeve shirts, long pants, jackets, gloves and hats.  I did see one other person wearing a tank top though!

The course was craaaazy. 
Up hill, down hill, up hill, down hill, repeat, repeat, repeat forever.

Time: 1 hour 49 seconds.

I didn’t meet my sub 1 hour goal; however, I honestly feel like I did the best I possibly could.  My time got me 4th place in my age group out of 5.

My dad came in before I did with a time of 53 minutes 11 seconds.

Pretty soon into the race, I was doing the whole “pace myself with another runner” thing.  I saw this one girl who was running next to me but a few feet away and focused on pacing myself with her.  A few minutes later, I hear her call out to me “I’m pacing myself with you!” My response? “I’m doing the same with you!”  We ran together for the rest of the race 🙂  I can’t believe how incouraging she was!  Whenever I wanted to slow down, she would tell me to keep it up and that I could do it.  Those few words made every difference in the world.  At the end, we both tried sprinting but my legs were not allowing that to happen.  I told her to go on and I would meet her at the finish though!  That’s when my dad started to run the end of it with me (he did the same thing in the hog jog 5k to help me push it at the end).  A photographer was near the finish line taking pictures and I managed to smile for those!  Now I just need to find them online!  The picture that Anne took of me, yeah… well at least you can tell how hard I was pushing myself!

The official time said 1:00.49 online even though this picture shows 1:00.48.

First thought after I crossed the finish line?

So much pizza!  I grabbed a slice of cheese on my way to the water station and then got a piece of pepperoni after I devoured the cheese slice.

They were also giving out sparkling grape apple juice.

My legs were so sore after the race but in a good way.

Did I mention there was still a little bit of snow on the ground there?

Since I haven’t posted in a few days…
Some (not all) of my eats recently:

Toasted bread with butter, mashed sweet potatoes and green bean casserole

White chocolate creme brulee at work

Scrambled eggs with cheese and toasted bread with butter

I also went to the dentist the other day for a check up.

All went well 🙂

I love the dentist office I go to.  If anyone is ever looking for a dentist in the Virginia Beach, Chesapeake or Suffolk areas of Virginia, I highly recommend that you check them out!  They even have a mini movie theater for little kids next to the waiting room (I’ve been going to them since I was born and I loved that part when I was younger!) TVs in every room, special rooms just for kids that have stuffed animals too!

Okay, well done talking about my dentist office now haha.

Work tonight. I guess a lot of people made resolutions to stop going out to eat as much because it has been extremely slow the past couple nights.  I looked at the reservation book for tonight and it was blank.  Not even one reservation.

I can’t believe how close the Disney Marathon is!  Looking at the schedule yesterday made me realize that I’m going to Florida later on this week (I’m not scheduled at all for this week!  I’ll enjoy the break though!)  I’m so excited!


20 responses to “New Years Day [First] 10k

  1. Great job, Sam! Now we need to get me running… haha

  2. CONGRATS!!!!!! you did it!!!! now we’re not 10k virgins! =D

    haha lucky. you got pizza. i got …bagels and cereal. =D

    i can hear chariots of fire when i look at your race pics!

  3. Fattie Fatterton

    Congrats Miss Sammi!! So proud of you!! And honey, you were THISCLOSE

  4. AWESOME AWESOME!! You ROCK! Congratulations!

  5. Fattie Fatterton

    oops, darn long nails!! Anyway, you were THISCLOSE to being under 1:00:00, so nooooo feeling bad about that!

  6. Congrats on running your 1st 10K! Your running skirt is cute =)

    ~ Hillary

  7. Great job, Sammi.
    I am so proud of you. Next time I’ll run with you!!

  8. Great job! How cool that you found a friend to pace with. Do you think you will keep in touch?

    I usually have a good idea of what I will wear but always bring TONS of extra clothes “just in case.” LOL!

    • She did give me her number so hopefully! I’m going to be running another race in that area in march so hopefully she’ll be running in that one too! I brought some gloves with me but left them in my car on accident! haha. I packed a few different outfits and then decided once I got there and was able to feel the weather on my skin. Number temperatures never tell me what I need to wear lol.

  9. congrats on your 10k and on your new blog. I love it. I am back now and will keep up!

  10. Wow! Your parents are letting you fly to orlando just to watch the race??? That is so cool I will let you know. I am not going to orlando until Saturday and I leave sunday right after the race.

    • My dad’s a pilot so it doesn’t cost us anything lol. My grandma, aunt, uncle and cousins all live in Orlando so I’m going to stay with them while I’m down there. Actually, my dad has a trip this weekend to Orlando so when I leave, he’ll be flying the plane and I’m just going to go on to St. Maarten’s with him (that’s where he’s going after Orlando).

  11. AMAZING! I am so freaking happy for you!

    I ran 5K on my treadmill FINALLY and I feel great so I have a small inkling how you must have felt!

    look at you go!

  12. So hapy for you great job on the run! Isnt it so nice randomly meeting encouraging people!?
    hehe thats really great you love your dentist, not many people do, I dont enjoy the proccess but I do enjoy the clean feeling afterwards and the doc is plenty nice! ❤

    • Encouraging people can make all the difference in the world! Last time my dad and I went in, the doctor told my dad that he just celebrated his 40th birthday for the 20th time. Which means, he’s been 50 my whole life! haha. Nice doctors = awesome.

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