New running shoes!

I went to Running, Etc. in Norfolk and that store is amazing!  It felt like I died and went to runner’s heaven.  For anyone in this area, I would highly recommend you go and check it out!  They have a ton of shoes to try out and they’re so helpful with making sure you get the right fit!  Plus, they have a variety of water bottles, socks, shorts, shirts and basically anything you can think of when it comes to running!

The new shoes:
Saucony Progrib Guide 2.
They are stability shoes which correct overpronation.

The dark gray signifies that it is a stabilizing shoe.  This gray area is more dense than the white sole which stops the ankle from rotating too much.
After watching me run, the employee that was helping me determined that I overpronate.  My left foot is worse than my right foot which made it a little more difficult when it came to finding the right shoe.  One of the ones we tried corrected my left foot really well but made it so my right foot was underpronating.  I can’t wait to get out and run in these outside!

(goose bumps!  It’s cold today!)
Also, my old shoes didn’t give my toes enough space so now I’m in a size 9 shoe which gives my toes room to breathe a little.

I fell in love with the running skirt my mom gave me for Christmas so I just had to pick up another one while I was there!  This one was on sale so it wasn’t too horrible on my debit card.

The ones I got for Christmas are similar but they don’t have the blue sides.

The only running shorts I have right now are compression type so I got the airy windbreaker type shorts to see how those feel.

They have a cute little pocket on the inside which I’ll probably never use.  It doesn’t close up very well and I wasn’t joking when I said it’s little.  I think all I could really fit in there is like a house key or something.

Heat has always been an issue for me ever since I was younger.  I get overheated very easily so I don’t really layer on the clothes very much when I run.  This running tanktop looked perfect for me (the shirt is in the pictures above) and it has a zipper pocket on the back that  I can put stuff in!

She also gave me a pair of free socks 🙂  they’re even the same brand as my shoes!

There was a bright green camelbak that I stared at for about 10 minutes but decided not to get.  Instead I choose a waterbottle with a handle for easier carrying.  I’ll be letting you all know how I feel about the mouth piece a little more once I get to use it.  Right now, it looks pretty awesome.  It has a “kicker valve” with a  “pliable silicone mouthpiece.”  Basically, you pull up on it like normal water bottles and then kind of squeeze it together to get the water to come out.  It also has finger grooves to make it more comfortable and a zipper pocket to stash things in.

Since I’m getting closer to double digits, I went ahead and grabbed three kinds of energy things to try out.  Shot Bloks, Carb boom (banana and peach) and GU energy gel (tri-berry).

Body Glide:
My legs get chafed every now and then so I’ve been really wanting this for a while now!  I can’t wait to try it out!

Upcoming race:
I still haven’t raced a distance further than 5k, so I went online looking for upcoming 10ks and decided on the New Years Day 10k in Midlothian, VA.  I’m going to run tomorrow with my new shoes and as long as things go well, I’ll probably be wearing them in the race!  Although I don’t want to put any pressure on myself for this race, I’d really like to sub-1:00!  The weather is a little up in the air for Friday so hopefully it won’t be raining during the race!  It started raining after both of my previous races so I’m hoping that the rain won’t start until AFTER the race!  I also have no idea what the course is going to be like for this one but I usually run on a few hills so I’m not worried about the course very much.  Any 10k tips?

Recent runs:
I love my garmin.  I’ve never felt so free while running before.  Anywhere I want to go, I’ll know exactly how far it is without having to worry about guessing mileage.  I found out that my dad was pretty close when it comes to guessing the different mile marks on the course that I usually run.

Saturday my dad and I went for a short run.  Just once around the loop and then we walked around the neighborhood after.  It was 2.61 in 24 minutes 17 seconds.  Then Sunday we went twice around the loop which ended up being 5.1 miles.

(Ignore the “pace” it was the pace at which my arm was moving when I took the picture. I tried really hard to stand still for it but obviously failed with that!)
I haven’t used the heart rate monitor yet but I’ll probably use it tomorrow.

Yesterday, I went out to lunch with some of my high school friends.  Morgan brought her daughter, Marley, with her.  Cutest thing ever!

Shelby was also there along with Lydia (someone I went to high school with) and Amanda (I went to middle school with her but then she moved to New York so I haven’t seen her in about 5 years).

I got the Burrito Loco.  This is a really cool dish because you get to pick the four things you would like inside as well as 2 sauces.  For inside I decided on scrambled eggs, rice, spinach and shredded cheese; for the sauces I got sour cream and the burrito sauce.

I ate about half before getting full and asking for a box.  Had the other half today for lunch 🙂

It tasted even better today than it did yesterday!

For breakfast, I used the little pan that I got for Christmas

Unfortunately, the way it cooks caused the yolk to be hard rather than runny

but it was still really good!

Ate the egg on an english muffin sandwich with Christmas ham and cheese along with a bowl of kiwi and a small glass of eggnog.  Very tasty breakfast!

Jon Alan and I finally played Clue a few days ago!  I won both times 🙂

He may have let me win… lol.  That or he’s just REALLY bad at Clue.  I’m not so sure!

Ate a chocolate raspberry luna bar on my way to Running, Etc. today.!

I also ate the last of the cinnamon buns a couple days ago.  So good!

Jon Alan and I went to see Sherlock Holmes yesterday.  Honestly, I didn’t even really know who Sherlock Holmes was until I saw the movie.  I knew he was a detective but that’s as far as I knew!  It was a really good movie and ended with a definite to be continued… type of ending.  I was super tired while we were watching the movie though and almost fell asleep a few times!  Parts of the movie had me confused about what was going on but Jon Alan said he thought it was a really predictable movie.  I often have that problem when it comes to movies like that though 😦 lol.  I think I’d be like the movie more the second time watching it since I’ll have a better understanding of what was going on!

A few days ago we rented Julie and Julia but we have yet to finish it.  So far I’m loving it!  Hopefully I’ll get to watch the rest of it tonight!

[Update to add giveaway!  Iowa Girl Eats is having the mother of all vitalicious giveways!]


5 responses to “New running shoes!

  1. Can’t wait to hear how you like the Suaconys! I bet you will love them!

    My only 10K tip is not to start out too fast. Pace yourself!

    Sherlock Holmes doesn’t sound that good! Think I’ll wait for the DVD 😉

  2. omg. i run in only sauconys. wel i run in new balance, but in races, it’s saucony’s ALL THE WAY. okay, apparently i PRONATE more than you coz i have the mofo of stabilizers pro grid stabil cs. haha. Mmm. breakfast burritos sound good and that cinnamon roll looks even better! =D isn’t running with a garmin SOO MUCH better than map my run? so free. you can run anywhere…provided you have satellites. i run near my house sometimes, and it takes seriously 5 minutes for a satellite to find me. not good on the gps front! use the HRM and lemme know what you think! love your running gear- i run in cotton (GASP!) and soccer shorts. =D

  3. I love all your cute running clothes!!! I want some!

  4. Congrats for winning! Awesome! 🙂 I love Saucony’s too…I can’t wait to hear your review! I personally love K-swiss…that is what I run in!

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