Blog’s First Christmas

Yesterday was amazing!

It rained all day; however, that was pretty much the only downside.

Woke up around 6 (my dad was getting ready to go hunting which woke me up and then I couldn’t fall back asleep) and eventually went downstairs to put the cinnamon rolls in the oven.  My dad had prepped them the night before/that morning so they were all ready to go when I got down here, and let me tell you, they were delicious!

I can’t believe I only had one yesterday morning!

He also mixed up a fruit salad so I had a bowl of that as well.

Kiwis, bananas, strawberries, and apples.  (& no, that is not the bowl that I used!  I didn’t eat nearly that much!)
Eggnog went along great with that

Whipped cream on top was an obvious necessity

& Jordan decided to have her eggnog with some rum!  (9 am isn’t that early right?)

Lexi got one of her presents first.  She tried to get the wrapping paper off but I ended up helping her 🙂 It squeaks which made her super excited!

We all opened our presents while watching Hangover.  That’s a Christmas movie isn’t it? No? Oh well.

My dad’s “I have no idea what this is!” face.

And this is his “Oh, it’s a video camera” face.

We all found one of these in our stockings.  It’s an egg cooker but it also works as a double boiler for melting chocolate and stuff 🙂

Best wrapping paper ever!!


With a heart rate monitor!  I cannot wait to use it!

I also got a GPS for my car!  So long to the days of cursing at my GPS and crying because it doesn’t work!

Gave Lexi some more of her presents.

My dad loves Christmas Vacation, so my Aunt Becky sent him a little Christmas Vacation set.

Eggnog + the moose mug = no brainer

She was in doggie heaven basically.

Lexi & I met my sisters over at my mom’s for more presents and Christmas dinner

I thought this would be a funny picture to put up here 🙂

My mom went around the tree handing us our presents.  The picture above was my pile.

That far pile was Jordan’s.

Those two presents was Jessie’s pile… lol.  All of her presents were in the back so it was really funny when my mom kept handing presents to Jordan and me and nothing to Jessie lol.

It was also funny when I opened up the second pair of PJ bottoms.  My mom had gotten herself a pair and accidentally wrapped up both of them not realizing she already wrapped up one for me!

My mom got a gorgeous diamond ring

Remember that post that I was talking about how I really want a running bumper sticker for my car?

Well my mom got me a license plate cover!  (Of course it’s already on my car :))

Jessie, Jordan and I all got these cute frames with a picture of us with our mom that was taken at the Cheesecake Factory back in May.  I had been needing a picture of all of us together so I was really excited when I opened this up!
My mom got my sister a little bottle of wine that says “Bitch Bubbly.” Well, later on my mom goes to unwrap a present from her boyfriend and he kept saying that he was scared she would take it the wrong way…

He got her the same brand of wine that she got Jordan! hahaha

She was excited though!

Me, Jordan & Jessie

& all of us with our mom

I loaded up my plate [a little too much] but it was all delicious!  My mom made the ham, green bean casserole, broccoli casserole, corn pudding and rolls.  My nana made the deviled eggs.  My aunt made the mashed potatoes and my mom’s boyfriend made the “boston butt.”

My mom also made some green jello!  (which I took a container of home)

Jordan and I said the grace
“We love our bread”

“we love our butter”

“But most of all, we love each other”


I couldn’t resest the banana pudding for dessert

Nom nom nom.

My nana got all of us fuzzy socks!  They are so comfy! Mine are the pink, white and green ones.

After I left my mom’s, I went over to Jon Alan’s house to exchange presents.

He got me Labyrinth (awesome movie for anyone who hasn’t already seen it) and two cookbooks (I left one at his house though so I’ll have to post a picture of that one later)
I’m so excited to get cooking with them!  Both of the cookbooks look amazing and the one pictured even had nutritional info for each dish!
I got him some boxers, a sports illustrated swimsuit edition day by day calendar, & a king sized down comforter!  He already texted me this morning saying that he loves the comforter 🙂

My mom also got me a running skirt!  I absolutely cannot wait to wear this!  I’ll be letting everyone know what I think about it once I get to use it!

It even has a zipper compartment in the back!

She also got me some energy chews with gel inside that I will be trying out on my next long run!
This is for sure: my next run is going to be amazing with all of the new accessories to try out!

Question: What was your favorite part about this Christmas?


6 responses to “Blog’s First Christmas

  1. yayyaya now we’re garmin twins! =D name it something special! =D mine is g unit and h dawg. =D
    dude, I WATCHED MAN V FOOD AND HE ATE A CINNAMON ROLL THE SIZE OF A DINNER PLATE! i was torn between being jealous and grossed out =D

  2. Probably not a good idea to post a picture of a check without first photoshopping out addresses and account numbers. Just saying.

  3. YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!



    I am so excited for you!

    I still haven’t seen The Hangover! I think my sis is getting it for my husband for Christmas (we’ll see her in Jan) so maybe I will get to see it then!

    What fun celebrations! My fave part of the holiday was definitely relaxing in my home. Ahh. I slept so well and had easy days.

  4. Awwww, Merry Christmas! Can’t wait to hear how you like your Garmin!

    What a wonderful family day!

  5. Your Christmas loot looks awesome. So jealous of that Garmin, but I think I am going to be getting one pretty soon, too! 😀

  6. WOW…you got some GREAT stuff! A true runner’s paradise! I have that exact same license plate holder on my car too…LOVE IT!!

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