Pre-Christmas activities post

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I need to get in a post before my camera gets loaded up with Christmas!  It’s been a few days since my last post (oops) so here’s a little of what I have been doing for the past couple days.

Wednesday I went out to lunch with the girl I mentioned [here] that I was best friends with for years.  I was so nervous but it ended up being a lot of fun!  After lunch we went over to her house and talked for hours while playing with her cat and her brother’s puppy.
I honestly do not remember what the dish I ate was called.  Not wanting to weird her out, my camera stayed in my purse while we were at the restaurant.

“Puppy” (they haven’t named her yet!) is a chow mix and so freaking cute!

Her cat’s name is Gypsy and she’s got some major attitude!  She teases that dog like crazy!

Lexi has recently started carrying her bone around again!  As I have mentioned before, she has problems with her jaw so she goes back and forth a little with whether or not she carries around toys.

I went over to my sister’s yesterday to pick her up so we could go to the grocery store and I ate a banana while she was finishing getting ready.  We also tried to clip her cats toenails… yeah, we tried.

We had success with two of Cadbury’s nails.

Pretty sure we didn’t get any of Marshmallows nails clipped!

Jordan got herself a Christmas present the other day, cowgirl boots!

She took over camera duty while I was driving us home.  We stopped over at Starbucks while in the grocery store.  Yum!

We shared this lovely piece of heaven when we got home.

Made my very first pecan pie!  We haven’t tried it yet but it looks amazing (this is the pre-oven picture)

Jordan was in charge of pumpkin pies (and pretty much everything else!)

A little too much pie filling! We put the extra in those ramekins for individual dishes (which are really too big for one person but oh well!)

We went back over to Jordan’s and brought the cats over to my house.  Cadbury isn’t scared of Lexi…

I can’t say the same about Marshmallow.  In this picture, she’s hiding in between the shower curtains in the bathroom.

She ventured out a few times but this is pretty much as close as she got.

Cadbury found out that when the trashcan is partially pulled out, he can get into the cabinet under the trashcan.

It’s good we realized he was in there before we closed it!  He would have been fine but probably would have freaked out!

He kept cashing away Lexi from her food dish while Lexi was eating dinner.
Actually, he headbutted her once while she was eating and she ran away!  I’m really sad I didn’t get a video of that 😦 lol

Ham, rolls, stuffing, mashed sweet potatoes, green bean casserole!

I ate entirely too much!

Jon Alan, my dad, Jordan & Jessie

My dad opened up a present from my Grandma last night.

There’s a little story behind the iPod she got him.  He was down in Florida during his trip last week and he mentioned to my Grandma that he thinks that my sister and I got him an iPod and he hopes we put music on it first.  Well, that’s not what we got him!  So she decided to get him one since she was still having a hard time figuring out  what to get him.  It apparently has a pedometer on it which is awesome!  We put all of his Christmas music on it last night and we’re listening to it right now!

Well, it’s time for me to finish getting ready and wrap the presents that wouldn’t fit in Lexi’s stocking.
Just a preview for the next post…


4 responses to “Pre-Christmas activities post

  1. look at you getting your bake on! =D cinnamon rolls!?!?!??! YUMMMOOOOO

    wow that pecan pie looks great

  3. Ha! Way to drop the hint on the iPod 😉

    I am happy the meet-up went well with your friend.

    Merry Christmas!

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