Remember that leg pain I was experiencing not too long ago?
Well it’s hard for me to forget when it comes back 😦
This time it feels a little different though because it doesn’t feel like it’s popping out of place or anything this time.

I was looking up a information on injuries and I was wondering if it may have something to do with pronation.  From what I’ve read, I think I underpronate (I’m really not sure though… lol).  I have been wanting to go to Running, etc. anyway so now I guess I just need to go asap.  Hopefully I’ll be able to prevent future pain by getting better shoes for the way I run.

For those of you who don’t know:
When running, our ankles are supposed to rotate inward 15 degrees.  This is called normal pronation.  For some people, their ankles either don’t turn in enough/at all or turn in further than 15 degrees.  If your ankles do not turn in, you are an underpronator (aka- you supinate).  If your ankles turn in too far, you are an overpronator.  The way to tell is to determine the way your feet hit the ground and how you push off with your toes.  Underpronators basically run along the outside edge of the bottom of their feet while overpronators run using the inside of their feet.  There are running stores that have you run on a treadmill so they can analyze your running and figure out what shoes would work best for you depending on pronation.  I am in no way near a doctor or anything like that.  I’m just trying to give anyone who doesn’t know a little information from what I’ve read.

Yesterday, I went grocery shopping and got some great eats 🙂

Had this one last night.  So good!

Jon Alan is on a hard boiled egg kick right now so he made some egg salad.

I personally have no problem with yolks.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never taken the time to take the yolk out when cooking for myself unless the recipe specifically says to.  He took them out though

Rosemary and olive oil triscuits for serving

I really wanted to get eggnog ice cream but they didn’t have any so I got Black Cherry Vanilla Swirl Yogurt Blends by Edy’s instead.  Amazing!  It was nice, creamy and full of flavor.

Knowing that Jon Alan probably wouldn’t like that kind, I got him some Ben and Jerry’s – peanut butter cup ice cream

Putting the nutrtional information side by side is crazy.  I already knew that Ben and Jerry’s is really bad when it comes to calories but that is insane.

Considering I LOVE ice cream and would eat it (more than once) everyday if I let myself, knowing how bad Ben & Jerry’s is will definitely help me steer clear of that.  Yeah, that 1/2 cup of ice cream is probably AMAZING (I know the other flavors are!) but so is the lower calorie yogurt blends flavor that I tried.

Today I went shopping with Shelby

& Morgan

I haven’t seen them since graduation (and honestly, I don’t remember if Morgan was there, she had transferred to va beach)
It was awesome to get to spend some time with them!  We have decided to hang out again once our friend Lydia comes in town.

I got Lexi all her presents!  Honestly, I wanted to buy her EVERYTHING! lol

Those in the middle are pretty much doggie chocolate chips that are loaded with vitamins!  The variety pack has a leopard print tennis ball, a rope, a little squishy soccer ball, two little bone type rubber sqeeky toys and a doggie stuffed animal with a sqeek thing in it (that she will probably tear up within a day of having it).
I’m so excited for Christmas!  She’s going to love  everything!  We have an extra stocking that I’m going to put all of her stuff in for her.

When we got back in town we decided to stop for some mexican food

I got my usual; however, I did see a make your own burrito that I’m thinking about trying out next time!

On our way home we saw something awesome 🙂

Deer!  Seeing them isn’t really the awesome part, what is awesome was that we saw them while it was still bright enough to take pictures without spooking them!

Then we turned and saw that there was one on the other side of the road as well!

I’m sorry the pictures aren’t better. I didn’t want to risk scaring them by using the flash.

Well my room and kitchen are in a need for some serious cleaning so I better stop procrastinating and get on that!

You all have a great evening!

For all pet owners: Do you buy your pets Christmas presents?  If so, what are you getting them this year?

For the runners: Do you know how your feet pronate?


3 responses to “Pronation

  1. JINX i had mex food today too! now i stink like fajitas. =D

    HAHh i HATE egg yolks. if they’re scrambled i’ll eat them but hell no i won’t if they’re hard boiled. =D

    omg. i relaly really want to see SHERLOCK HOLMES!

  2. I’m an overpronator! Sooo bad.. It’s been one of my biggest problems as a runner.
    I’m getting new Asics 2150s which are especially for overpronation to help me fix the problem.

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