Have you ever lost contact with a friend just because your schedules didn’t match up or you got in a fight and never got out of it? Well, I basically haven’t talked to anyone from my high school since graduation.  It’s hard when you’re one of the only ones that stays local while everyone goes directly into a four year university.  Recently, I’ve decided that I need to do something to change that though.  Jon Alan and I got into a conversation about my friends and I pretty much burst into tears because I feel like I’m pretty close to not having any friends at all.  You all make me feel so much better though.  It gets to the point sometimes when you all are my best friends.  He talked me into contacting a couple of the friends that I have actually met and I’m just waiting to see where it goes from here.

One old friend in particular fit the old reason.  She went off to South Carolina for school (which I didn’t even know until this week) and we didn’t stay in touch.  Thankfully, we were both really excited to hear from each other so things just basically seem like they’re back to normal with us and there isn’t much catching up we have to do to reconnect.  She told me about all of the mutal friends that we have and what’s been going on with them (one had a baby and got married and another went wild child on us and made the high school manslut settle down with her).  The thing is, she actually stayed in touch with them and I didn’t.  That will most likely make things a little awkward for me when we all go out to dinner like we’re planning but I cannot let a possible “odd-one-out” situation scare me from hanging out with people that were once great friends of mine.

Then it goes onto the girl who was my best friend since 6th grade.  Stupid stuff happened toward the end of high school and I never allowed us to get over it.  Emailing her was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Emotionally, I was wrecked.  I feel like I didn’t handle things the way I should have when all the drama happened and I wasn’t sure she would even want to talk to me.  She assured me that she doesn’t hate my guts though when she emailed me back.  In the email, she stated that she’s changed which partially makes me nervous because what if she’s changed so much that we’ll never be able to be close again?  The thing is, I‘ve changed as well.  We’re going to go out for lunch sometime while she’s home for winter break.  I’m nervous 😦

Well onto some things that I’m confident about:
Just got back to the gym and did pretty well considering I haven’t been running as much as I should.
Distance: 6.33 miles
Time: 62 minutes
Avg Pace: 9:50 min/mi
The time when I hit the 6.2 mile mark was 1 hour and 4 seconds.  Gah!  I really wanted to make it under an  hour.  Not letting that get me down though.  I felt great when I got done 🙂 no dizzy head for me today!

I’ve decided that I’ll definitely be ready for the rock ‘n’ roll half marathon on Sept. 5th.  I’m actually thinking about trying out one before that actually!  The Dismal Swamp Stomp Half Marathon is on April 17th and I may just give that one a go!  Anyone want to run it with me?

Nothing raises spirits more than thinking about future races after having a great run!

Now onto the eats!
Yesterday, Jon Alan and I went to Anna’s

Rather than getting the cheesy garlic bread that we usually get, we got mozza sticks! (Blogging makes me realize that we eat way too many of these lol)

Side salad with their homemade italian dressing. (So good!)

I wonder if the bottle would fit in my purse… lol.


& Jon Alan got Chicken Parmesan (Why does he always put up peace signs in the pictures? I have no idea.)

Ate a piece of calendar candy when I got home.
At work I ordered a new special that we have

Turkey wrapped in bacon (which wasn’t very good) with stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans and gravy.  Ate most but not all of it.
Then later, I ate some Chicken Cordon Bleu that was leftover on a buffet for a party.  (which I’m about to eat some more of right now!)
After work snack:

Banana and peanut butter

This morning I ate some more gnocchi for breakfast.

Well time to eat and shower.  (I feel like someone poured liquid salt all over my body… not an attractive feeling!)


3 responses to “Reconnecting

  1. Relationships change as you do – I just now am back in contact with friends from my childhood/elementary/high school years. Some I hadn’t spoken to in 20 years or more, but we are getting along just fine.

    None of the cliques or issues that existed when we were in school exist anymore. We are all free to be ourselves and be friends. 🙂

    One of the hardest parts of getting older is realizing that not all relationships were meant to stand the test of time. And that it’s okay – you grow, you change interests, and you grow apart. It happens and it doesn’t mean that either one of you is a bad person.

  2. dude. i bet jonalan does the peace sign as part of his inner asian self. hollah.

  3. I do not keep in touch with any HS friends of many college friends. In fact, most of the “friends” I have now are local bloggers. Yep. Nothing wrong with that.

    The cool thing is, when you are out of touch with people, and you get back together, it sometimes seems like nothing has changed. I bet you will find that is the case with some of these people, and not with others. That’s okay! It’s okay to have friends come and go. They change and you change. It’s all part of life 🙂

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