Christmas-e breakfast & half marathon planning

Although it’s not snowing right now, I’m really excited that there’s still snow on the ground! It didn’t disappear while I was sleeping!

Eating an amazing breakfast right now I was eating an amazing breakfast when I started this post

Oatmeal with cinnamon, pom arils, and kiwi – oh so christmas-e looking!
It got a little cold while I was cutting up the kiwi, but that doesn’t even matter because it’s that good!
(Now that I think about it, taking it out into the snow probably helped cool it down.  Oops!)

& (I was) reading runner’s world magazine.
There’s some “Running Rules of Thumb” in the Jan. 2010 issue that I’m reading and the 10th rule is:

If you care even a little about being called a jogger versus a runner, you’re a runner.

This is definitely me.  It makes me so mad when my boyfriend says that the pace I go is a “jog.”  Yeah, I’m not sprinting but that does not mean that I’m just jogging.

After breakfast, I took Lexi for a walk around the neighborhood.

“Come ON!!!”

“Put down the camera and keep up!”
She eventually let go of the leash when she started sniffing everything.  I cannot believe how many times she pees when I take her for walks.  Crazy.  I really should have worn my running shoes because she was wanting to go pretty fast for the first half of the walk (I had to drag her along for the second half because she wanted to sniff EVERYTHING)

Back up to yesterday:

Jessie came over to wash her car… this picture does not show the extend of how dirty it was from all the bird poo that attacked her car.

The ceiling of her car (smart cars have awesome roofs, they’re see through!)

Before I left for work I had an english muffin stuffed with egg salad.  Nom nom nom.

& then some chocolate when my sweet tooth started to act up.

At work I had a cup of beef vegetable soup and an individual bag of original sunchips.
Then when I came home…

Nice gooey homemade apple crisp!
When our apples come in, my dad makes a ton of apple pies and apple crisps, vacuum seals them and puts them in the freezer for when we want one.  Jessie stuck on in the oven the other day while she was over so I just had to have some last night.


So I’ve been thinking about 2010 goals and one of them is to run a half marathon. I ran my first two 5ks back in October but haven’t done a race since.  I really want to sign up for a 10k sometime soon.   I need some advice though.
My longest run so far has been 6.5 miles.
When do you think I would be ready to run a half?

Do you think that September 5, 2010 would be too early?
The race I am looking at is the Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon.

I’m getting excited just thinking about it!


Well I think Jon Alan and I are going to go to Anna’s for lunch!  Anna’s = delicious!! I can already taste the gnocchi that I’ll probably end up getting!


3 responses to “Christmas-e breakfast & half marathon planning

  1. September is not too early! You could be ready in April or May 🙂

  2. I am no expert…not one to be giving advice because I would need to know too..but you should be ready by Septmember I would think…

    try and run that far and see how you do.

    and yah…I car about not being a “jogger” and I truly still am a jogger….btw I MISS it!
    So hitting the TM tomorrow( I am off for the day)

    or maybe My teenager can “jog” with me outside! I still have that to do before the year is up.

    lil Lexi is so cute!

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