What a rip off

That snow that I was all excited about? Well yeah, it’s ALL GONE!


All that is left now is puddles.

Plus, it’s raining.  Really really really bad.  That river that appears when it’s raining? Yeah, it’s there.

My food so far today has been super tasty!

Started off with eggnog while decided what I wanted to eat

& just to make it more fun, I drank it out of a super cute mug!

Saw Lexi waiting for me through the window so I let her in and played with her for a little while
I was going to eat the rest of the pizza from the other night but decided it just wasn’t hitting the spot (which is good since I apparently didn’t take a picture of it anyway!)


Used one of Caitlin‘s posts to help me open it up.

But once I was finished, I needed a fun way to eat some.

banana + peanut butter + pom arils = DELICIOUS!  The crunch of the poms with the creamy peanut butter was amazing!  I would definitely suggests this to ANYONE and EVERYONE!

Waaaay too much peanut butter!  The first couple bites ended right up on the roof of my mouth.

I ended up adding a lot more arils 🙂

My taste buds are loving me today.  At first I wasn’t sure I was going to like the pomegranate because of the crunch that it has to it but it was perfect on the banana.

Watching the Biggest Loser saeson 8 season finale!  I cannot believe the transformations!  This show is one of the most inspirational shows I’ve ever watched!


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