Running Bumper Stickers!

I’ve been wanting a running bumper sticker for my car for a while now.

How many of you all have befriended a porta potty?

I’d have to check and see if my first race time is on the internet; however, I know that my race for the cure  2009 one is!

It’s nice to score well compared to everyone else in a race – what’s really important though is yourself.

This one is kind of hard to read:
Your entire mp3 player is dedicated to running songs
it would be if my ipod player worked!
You give directions in tenths of mile increments
Not yet, I’m horrible at giving directions.
Your spouse gives you a heart rate monitor for Valentine’s Day – and you’re happy about it!
That hasn’t happened for me before, but I would be happy about it!
You can say fartlek without cracking a smile
*Giggle* but at least I know what it means!
You try to convince others to run a 5k because it’s only 3 miles

You consider pasta and sports drinks a food group
and because of running, I don’t feel bad about it!
You can easily convert kilometers into miles
well… 5k, 8k, 10k, 15k — the racing distances
You have more running shorts than regular shorts
Not yet! I just wear the same shorts over and over again.
You know splits are something not only cheerleaders care about
Need to work more on the negative splits!
You go through more sticks of BodyGlide than deodorant
I need it desperately! My thighs are chafed right now.  Eek.

Which ones do you relate to?

So cute!

Another hard one to read:
I love not just the finish line, but the trip along the way
Even when I have a hard time with the trip, I’ll never stop loving it.
It makes me feel free
Like a bird!
I’ve got energy to burn
Oh yes I do!
I need energy
It’s crazy how sometimes I feel more energized after a run than before it.
It’s my anti-depressant
& what a lovely one it is!
I hope my children will
Both my parents run! Need to keep the tradition going!
I need an excuse to eat
& I love to eat 🙂
Stopping would hurt so much more than a blister or a broken toenail
Haven’t experienced a broken toenail or blister from running yet, but I’m sure this is true!
Walking takes too long and I have things that need to get done
I’m pretty sure that’s true for all of us!
My personal best is just that: mine
and it’s just going to keep getting better and better
others can’t
but I’ll give it my all for them!
It’s a good kind of sore
As long as it is just sore and not injury!
It makes the pavement feel needed
and I definitely need it!
There are a lot worse addictions out there
Running = good addiction
There’s no better way to explore a city or enjoy the spring flowers and fall leaves
There’s a gorgeous yellow rosebush where I run. Can’t wait for spring!
I “just felt like runnin”
That’s what gets me up and out!
There’s no drug like adrenaline
Runners high anyone?
I’ll never know how far I can go unless I try
& I’m determined to go far! (26.2 here I come!)
The pavement doesn’t complain when you pound it
Thankful for that! I’ve got some really heavy steps! It’d be yelling at me!
It takes all I’ve got, but gives back more
& I’ll never regret what I give
I can
& as long as I can, I will

Who else is with me?

Now for getting into the half marathon bumper stickers!
One day. One day.

I’ve done the 5k, just need to add on those 10 miles!

I really want to get ^ this ^ one for inspiration and then put it on my car right after I cross that finish line!

Eventually that’s what I’ll be doing!

& after that…

Saw this quote first on SkinnyRunner
Well I learned that I’m able to go the 10k distance the 20 mile warm-up… hmmm. lol

I know that when I’m training for one of those^^ I’ll be doing a lot of this…

Not sure my dog will be one of those…

Is this one supposed to be dirty?

lol.  I think it’s strictly talking about a triathlon… nothing else… at all…

well that’s on that isn’t perverted!

This one reminded me of Caitlin:

Only about a year and a half left for me… lol.
My indian name is more like..

Not always… but most of the time 🙂

This one looks pretty easy to read! I can identify with most of these 🙂 Haven’t done the chiropractors one but a nice massage would be amazing right now!

Hope to do this one day with you guys!…


4 responses to “Running Bumper Stickers!

  1. thanks for the skinnyrunner shoutout! i cant believe theres that many running bumper stickers out there, too funny.

    • Well I have to give you a shoutout! I read your blog like you read trashy magazines 🙂 As for the bumper stickers, that wasn’t even all of them! there’s one that I really want to get for my dad about short shorts that I didn’t post yet 🙂

  2. I love all of those. The first one is probably my fave though. I hadn’t heard that before and it totally cracked me up!

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