Final Grades Finally in!

I know I just put up a post like 2 seconds ago but…

Accounting B (happy with that, determined to do even better with accounting 2 next semester)
Psychology A (no surprise there, that class was a joke it was so easy!)
Practical ReasoningA (the grade isn’t in the list for my GPA yet but I looked in the blackboard grade book and it’s 91.89%)
Public SpeakingA
anddddd dun dun dun…
Macroeconomics A!!!!! (hardest class evvver. I ended up with a 100% on the final exam and I really think that had something to do with the A!)

I honestly wasn’t sure about the macroeconomics grade and then when I saw the “A” in the offical grades, I seriously had to triple check it!  And then I may have done some excited squeeling! 🙂

Feeling wonderful right now!

From what my math is telling me, my GPA is now 3.446! At the beginning of this semester it was 3.281 so it I’m really excited about this new number!  The GPA that William and Mary calls for is 3.6, so 3.446 is definitely a lot closer.  W&M would still be a stretch but not as far of a stretch anymore.

Let’s just hope I can work my butt of and raise it even higher next semester.

Going to go do a happy dance now!


3 responses to “Final Grades Finally in!

  1. Congrats on the great grades!

  2. Sweet Potatos! GREAT JOB!

    go get some pancakes!


    nice job…really! yes, do the happy dance for sure!

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