Fall 2009: Goodbye!

It’s finally over.  I just submitted my last assignment for the semester.

Tonight I had to go to campus to take my accounting exam.  Got an 84 + 10 extra points awarded last class = 94%! Plus, she gave out extra credit tonight as well so I’ll have to wait and see how many points that grants me.

Also, my macroeconomics exam was due tonight.  It involved me writing a 5 page report on the economy from 2004-2007.  Gross. 2004 and 2005 were really good years though according to the sources I used.

I’m so glad it’s finished.

I’m going to sleep now.  You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see what I ate today! I’ll give you a clue, Jon Alan and I went to one of my favorite places to eat!  (Tray– you’ll definitely get this one!)

Have a great night!


4 responses to “Fall 2009: Goodbye!


    how you been girl!?
    playin’ video games? see ninja assassin?

    props on being done!

  2. I’m guessing ihop!

    something with Pancake in it!
    but maybe not…

    get some rest!

  3. IHOP! You and JohnAllen will start off stuffing yourselves with cheese sticks and won’t be able to eat your pancakes when they come….???

  4. Congrats on being finished! Ha, I am laughing that you used the word gross to describe that paper. I probably would have if I had to write it too!

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