1.5 miles = bad run

First things first:
It was Ihop 🙂

& my mom was exactly right when she said that we would start off with cheese sticks!  Completely forgot to take a picture of those though!  (don’t worry, they looks exactly the same as usual!)
Since I got something different last time, I decided to go with the eggnog pancakes yesterday!

Along with scrambled eggs, fruit and ham.

I didn’t finish any part of my food (except the mozza sticks, but  Jon Alan and I shared those so I didn’t exactly eat all of it)

We hung out for a while before I had to go off to school for my accounting exam.  That’s when I realized that my macroeconomics exam was due 12-14 and not 12-15.  So we had to ditch our monopoly plans so I could do that exam.
On my way home from school I stopped off at Arby’s for a regular roast beef sandwich and a mint chocolate shake!

They both hit the spot!

Had a piece of fruit pizza while taking a break from my macro exam.
Which I apparently didn’t take a picture of last night so I’ll post a picture of the whole pizza from the other day

My piece last night was not this big 🙂 lol

This morning I ate the rest of the pasta that I brought home with me from the cheesecake factory.

Just got back from the gym.  Ran 1.54 miles. I don’t even remember what the time was though I was keeping a good pace.
Today I just was not feeling the run.  I paused the treadmill to stretch and ended up feeling like I was going to puke so I decided to leave instead.  It’s crazy how I can run 6.5 miles on a good day and only 1.54 on a bad day.

Tomorrow will be different though.

Now I’m having a post workout snack.

Had two of those mini muffins altogether + peanut butter & wheat thins (not sure how many)

& Watching the big bang theory.  This episode is hilarious!


2 responses to “1.5 miles = bad run

  1. um…1.5 miles for me IS a good run.

    to each his own!


    I go to Arby’s for one thing only…Pepper Poppers!

    oh my!

  2. It’s interesting how different one run is from another. I guess it would be boring if they were all easy… right? 😉

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