mom’s birthday + sister’s accident

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday!

(Birthday cosmopolitan, of course)
We’ll get to that in a minute though.

Put ornaments on the tree on Friday.

Molly tried to help by putting a ball in the box of ornaments so I could throw it for her.

Isn’t this the cutest ornaments ever?

Friday night, my sister Jordan got into a car accident.

You may be thinking to yourself, “where’s her bumper?”

Answer: In the garage.
She’s okay thank god. Her body isn’t feeling great but nothing too serious.  I was the first person she called but I was at work and didn’t even listen to the message until after I got home.  I’m thankful that I heard about the accident from my dad before I listened to the message because I would have FREAKED OUT listening to that message.  Three flat tires, detached bumper, dented area near a back tire, and buckling in her hood going up the metal on the side of her windshield (?)
For everyone reading this: Be careful when driving!  Learn how to get yourself back on the road when your tire hits the gravel on the side of the road without over correcting.  That’s what happened to her and she ended up swerving back and forth before finally hitting the ditch on the other side of the road 😦

Now for Saturday: Cheesecake Factory

Jessie, me, Jordan and my mom
(no, we didn’t all sit on one side of the booth for the whole time. Just for the picture)

I had Hot Chocolate.

Jessie & Jordan both had Georgia Peach.

Their bread is delicious!

Isn’t that the cutest way to put the lemon on a glass?  I’m glad my work doesn’t do that though. I’d probably be pretty annoying.

Fettuccine with chicken and sun dried tomatoes for myself.

My mom had the chicken caesar

Jessie had her usual, the avocado egg rolls

Jordan had the enchiladas.  And my lovely picture taking skills thought a giant straw would make the picture a little better.  It didn’t work? oops.

Jessie and I got the same cheesecake to take home.  Chocolate tuxedo cream cheesecake.  I’ve had this one before and it’s amaaaaazing.  Had some when I got home and then a couple bites tonight.

I got a little bit of decoration on my windshield on the way home from The Cheesecake Factory.

Cute right?

This morning I woke up to a wonderful smell drifting up to my room.  I was convinced it was cinnamon rolls.  Half because I saw one of our cookbooks open on a cinnamon roll page yesterday and half because I saw a vegan cinnamon roll recipe yesterday on Kim‘s blog.

Kiwi banana muffins. (I ate a mini one before taking a picture)

Had a jumbo one grilled along with scrambled eggs and ham.

Orange juice too! 🙂

Murry looks so cute trying to drink out of Lexi’s water dish!

I swear it’s like he doesn’t know how to put his tongue in his mouth.  It’s always just sticking out.

My dad helped me fix the lights on the tree!  They look 1000 x better now.

My neighborhood did a progressive dinner tonight.  I was at work but got home while everyone was still over here having dessert.

Fruit pizza!

We made two.  One of them still hasn’t been cut into yet so you may be seeing some pictures of this later on this week.

I had one of those mini brownies followed by…

I don’t think that Murry was too excited to get his picture taken.

Molly is always excited though when she has a toy near her.  (it was just out of shot of the camera)

well time to go to sleep.
Have a good night!

Question: What’s the worst car accident you’ve ever been in?


6 responses to “mom’s birthday + sister’s accident

  1. wha’ts on your windshield?

    omg. the brown bread at cheesecake factory is the BEST! no butter required!

  2. I am so happy your sister is okay!

    Those kiwi banana muffins sound good.

    I have been in a few awful accidents. I guess the worst was when a semi did not stop at the top of the off ramp and T-boned me, smashing the entire back end of my car in half and causing me to do a 180 into a ditch and almost rolling down a hill. I was on my way to an orchestra concert so my parents came and picked me up and drove me. Had I been driving one second slower, and he had smashed the front of my car, I would probably be dead.

    • Oh my god. That’s scary. You didn’t have any injuries or anything? Semis are terrifying. There’s an area on my way to school where a bunch of semis travel and I get kind of scared over there!

  3. Your poor sis…so glad she’s okay though! I’ve been rear ended twice…both times with my much younger Kyle. Having your kids in the car makes it 1 TRILLION times worse cuz you can’t think, you are just terrified about them!

    Both my accidents were minor but it gave me a healthy respect for driving safety! ( which I always did but still)

    you just never know what other people are doing.

    looks like you girls had a great time! Hope your Mom had a great birthday! and I so love your hair cut!

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