Muscle Popping

Yesterday I mentioned that my right thigh is hurting.  I was hoping it would be better in the morning but it’s not.  Whenever I walk, it feels like the muscle is popping out of place or something.

Last night I had two things that I haven’t been having very much lately.  & just to make it more fun, I had them in matching minnie and mickey mugs! (I gave the mickey one to Jon Alan but he keeps it at my house so I use it more than he does!)

Hot tea

Ice cream! (with a warm broken up muffin and whipped cream) I know you can’t see the ice cream but I swear it was in there.

Breakfast this morning was completely unusual for me

Oh wait. Isn’t that the same thing I had yesterday for lunch?  Hey, when it’s good, it’s good.
Actually, there is a difference.  I had two kiwis today rather than one 🙂

So right now I’m watching a commercial for a mercedes-benz and it’s talking about waking you up when you dooze off, keeping you in your lane and stopping the car if you get distracted.  This is crazy. People don’t even have to actually DRIVE anymore with the technology they’re creating.

Last night, I decided where I’d like to keep my racing bibs – my bathroom mirror 🙂

Today’s calendar candy!  I ate the cream nougat one (on the right).

To do list:

  • Breakfast
  • Strength exercises
  • Work on Macroeconomics exam (I did start it finally)
  • Lunch
  • More room cleaning
  • Shower
  • Work (at 5)

Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday!  Because I value my life, I’m not going to tell you what age she is turning.

  • Going out to lunch at Cheesecake Factory with my mom and sisters
  • Work (at 4)

This macroeconomics exam isn’t as hard as I was expecting.  I have to write a 5-8 page report on the economy over a four year period.  I’ve picked 2004-2007.  Graphs are required which is definitely a good thing.

I may have said this before but… I cannot wait until this semester is over. The thing is, I’m not exactly looking forward to next semester either… lol.

Does anyone have any idea what’s going on with my leg? Any suggestions?


2 responses to “Muscle Popping

  1. oh after my low sugar eats this week a huge bowl of ice cream looks deadly!

    Sorry you leg hurts….I have no idea what you could have done other than pulled a muscle.

    a month ago I did my run outside pushing the stroller and hit a hill that i decided to tough out and run until my program said stop…I paid for that …I pulled a hamstring. It still twinges here and there.

    hope you figure it out soon!

  2. Your IT band might be sore, unless it is really high on your thigh 😦

    That sounds like a fun day with your mom and sisters! 🙂

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