Leg pain after only 2.6 miles

My mom and I went on a nice little run today.  She met me over here and we ran the loop that I usually run with my dad.
Distance – 2.6? miles
Time – 25.50 minutes

Well during the run I felt fine; however, my right thigh is killing me right now.  The outer side of my thigh hurts so badly when I walk now 😦 Any suggestions on making it feel better?

I guess I should try icing it.  I’ve never iced after a run before but I probably should.

Took Lexi to the post office with me yesterday.

Ordered Chinese food for lunch.  Yum yum yum.  (ended up having some for breakfast today)

Calendar candy! Delicious!

Made muffins last night but didn’t take a picture of them.  I did take a picture of the one I ate today though so you’ll be seeing that later in the post.

Lunch today was a cut up kiwi (didn’t eat the skins) and an egg ham and cheese sandwich on an english muffin.

When I realized I was still hungry…

Muffin! They are pumpkin spice nut muffins.  Just a box mix that my dad got at costco.

Ate some of the pieces with butter and some with peanut butter.

Went outside today and put lights on a tree in the yard.  I’m way too short to put them up myself but I managed.  I used a pitchfork to reach the lights up to the top.  My dad will probably end up making it look a little better when he gets home 🙂 I left some bare spots on accident.  Doesn’t look bad though!

My post run fuel:

It defintely hit the spot.

Tonight’s plans include… cleaning my room, eating dinner, watching real world road rules: the ruins, & possibly putting up ornaments
Well I just saw a spoiler for the top chef winner.  Not cool.  That’s what I get for not watching the finale yet and for going on tvguide.com not realizing they would probably be writing about it.  Oops. Oh well. I’ll be watching the finale tonight as well.

Time to go look for dinner ideas!


2 responses to “Leg pain after only 2.6 miles

  1. oh no! pain!? masage it out? is it your it band? like outside of thigh? yikes.

    i saw a spoiler too. damn facebook. lame.

    i dont eat skins of kiwis either. must be the [boots with da] fur. =D

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