Last Week of Fall 2009

I know I’ve been absent for the past week but that’ll be changing soon. This week has been super busy for me and I just haven’t found the time to write out a post.  These next couple days are going to be even worse but then I’ll have a few weeks to recover before spring 2010 starts.

Ran 1 hour 3 minutes 19 seconds with my dad.  We started off doing two of our normal loops but I was really enjoying it so I asked if we could keep going.  When we got to the front of the neighborhood (about 5 miles) we ran across the street and ran on the trails through the woods (they are building a park across from my neighborhood with a lot of walking trails going through the fields and woods) The total distance was around 6.25 miles from our estimate.

Ate an english muffin topped with peanut butter and apple butter when we got back and then we went into the hot tub for a while to sooth our muscles.

The rest of the day:

  • Going to Ihop with Jon Alan for breakfast!
  • Accounting project
  • Accounting class
  • Putting “snow” on the Christmas tree! (that is going to be a fun post!)


  • Macroeconomics exam due
  • Psychology quizzes due
  • Christmas shopping with my nana
  • Decorate the Christmas tree with ornaments


  • Work at 5:30


  • Public Speaking discussion board
  • Running with mom(?)


  • Practical reasoning exam due
  • Public speaking exam due
  • Work at 5

Saturday – work at 4.
Sunday – work at 3.

Then by Sunday I have to write 2 responses to the public speaking discussion board posts (I’ll probably just do it when I write my post though)

I cannot wait until this week is over.

Now I need to go work on that accounting project 😦

Hope you all have a great week!

P.S. – I’ve gotten quite a few Christmas presents wrapped already! & yesterday I finished up with shopping for Jon Alan’s presents so now all I have to do is wrap that last gift for him and finish shopping for everyone else (which the only hard present left is for my Grandma since I have no idea at all of what I should get for her!)


3 responses to “Last Week of Fall 2009

  1. gifts bought AND wrapped?

    I am still making my list and checking it twice…

    nice job on the run… I have so much to work on.

    the week will fly! enjoy Ihop!
    I made you more german chocolate pancakes.

  2. no fair! i ahven’t shopped for xmas AT ALL! NO FAIR!

    is the breakfast with Jonalan IHOP!?


    yeah, this week is looking pretty shitty already! (for me that is!)
    lame rain making me depressed.

  3. thats so cool that you went hunting with your dad!!! Those pancakes from ihop look awesome. I have not eaten at ihop in probably like 4 years I should probably get on that.

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