It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

We have a tradition in my family.  Every year, we get a real fraser fir tree & every year, we mix up powder laundry detergant with hot water and put it on the Christmas tree so it looks like snow.

(we used one box of the detergent and about 3 cups of hot water)

The whole house smells a little like soap now which is what the smell of Christmas is for me!

My dad and I got the tree yesterday

& tonight my dad, Jon Alan and I put the snow on the tree

(actually, Jon Alan just took pictures while my dad and I put on the snow)

As you may be able to tell, I got my hair fixed!  It looks a million times better now.  On the way home, I stopped at my nana’s

& here’s my nana with my great aunt Barbara (I took the picture before my aunt barbara put the phone down. oops)

Looks so much healthier

Here are my eats for the past few days:

Cottage cheese with peaches and a scoop of strawberry jam & orange juice

Rice with veggies

Eggs in a basket

Scrambled eggs with cheese and a piece of toast with butter (almost forgot to take that picture)

A half meatball sub with cheese and chips at a local ice cream parlor

Jon Alan had two chili cheese dogs with chips

A turkey sandwich topped with gravy served with stuffing

For today’s food:
The peanut butter and apple butter english muffin I mentioned in my last post


I had about two mozza sticks

Gingerbread pancakes (Not as good as the eggnog ones but still pretty good)

Nachos with cheese, chili and guacamole

Jon Alan and I went to wal mart today and bought monopoly and clue! (Monopoly = his favorite, clue = my favorite)

Monopoly is the longest game eeeeever. I don’t think we’ll ever finish this game.  I was winning earlier but he started a comeback and is convinced he’s going to win.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

The clue I got is really weird. I started reading the directions and it is this new updated version where each player has a different “power.” For example, Scarlet’s power is “once per game, you may look at a card that one player has just shown another player.”  Also, it has these things called intrigue cards which allow all sorts of things.  An example of this, you can play it so that you don’t have to show another player your card if you don’t want to.  There are also these clock cards that are hidden with the intrigue cards and whoever picks the 8th clock card gets “murdered” and has to sit out the rest of the game.  Also, that card just keeps getting put back in the pile so more than one person can get “murdered.” Weird.

On the way home from getting the Christmas tree yesterday, my dad and I stopped at Starbucks.

they had samples out.  It was actually pretty good even though I usually don’t like coffee.

These cups are so cute!  I love that they used the look of the disposable cups to create insulated reusable mugs.

I had a grande chai tea latte and my dad had the pumpkin spice latte

My dad and I went hunting Saturday morning.  I used to go with him all the time when I was younger but stopped a while back.  We were goose hunting but didn’t get anything.  The rain made it interesting, so did the fact all my hunting clothes are huge on me.

After doing some math regarding this morning’s run, I’m thinking that the distance was closer to 6.5 miles rather than 6.25 miles! So exciting for me! Slowly working my way on up the milage ladder.

Was it just me or was tonight’s Gossip Girl amazing?  I can’t wait to catch up on last nights Desperate Housewives!  I heard from some of the girls at work that a plane was going to crash into Wisteria Lane (I try not to watch the previews for episodes so I don’t go totally crazy wanting to see the next one!)

Good night!


3 responses to “It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

  1. you’ve been busy!

    I go hunting with my husband…(okay we went once) but it was fun… lots of hiking.

    gingerbread pancakes look good. eggnog sound good too.

    and how much fun to flock the tree yourselves. we have never done that!

  2. I bet putting that fake snow on the three is a lot of fun! 🙂

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