Chopping it off & Christmas

I cut my hair off today.


It’s not the straightest haircut… the girl I normally go to got sick today and had to cancel my appointment so I went to someone else.  I’m going to get my normal girl to fix it asap.  You know that whole Victoria Beckham style where it’s longer in the front?

Well it’s kind of like that. The thing is, it wasn’t supposed to be like that…

looks fine in a ponytail right now though 🙂

Breakfast yesterday:

Omelet with yogurt/granola/kiwi

Breakfast today:

Oatmeal with nutmeg, cinnamon, peaches & a little bit of granola


Grilled tuna and cheese sandwich & green jello

We have some Christmas decorations up now!

A glass Christmas tree that my dad bought while we were in Italy.

& our santa going down the chimney countdown decoration!

My dad bought my sisters & me advent calendars from Germany

Christmas stockings, of course

the light up Christmas tree that my Grandma painted for my dad (next to a picture of all of the cousin on my dad’s side)

Christmas mats

& a Christmas village

Well time to get ready for work.

What is the worst experience you’ve ever had with a hair cut?


5 responses to “Chopping it off & Christmas

  1. you know lord farquad in shrek? yeah. that was me in 5th gradethanks to mom cutting it.
    i never recovered.

    you look great tho!

    • I totally just looked up lord farquad. Poor hair 😦 I don’t think my parents ever cut my hair themselves. My mom would always just take me in to get it cut. They’re both pretty picky about their hair. My mom goes to the same person every time even though the girl isn’t very reliable (I understand though, she is pretty good – when she shows up!) & my dad went to the same woman for the past 20 years even though for the past 10 years he’s had to drive an hour to get there! (she retired recently so he had to switch to someone different)

  2. oh man I’ve got some catching up to do….HAIR CUT!!!! OMGOSH.
    your hair was looooooooooong.

    I love it short too though! I won’t start in on haircuts. I get a horrible one every decade and never trust hair stylists ever. Good thing I just always put it up in a clip. Hides a ton of bleh hair days.

    love your decorations!

    • & that’s why my hair will be up until I get it fixed! The ponytail actually looks really cute. Just not so cute when it’s down… lol. Hair clips/ties are aaaaamazing!

  3. Hi Sammi! I’m behind on reading posts, but wanted to say I think your hair looks great!

    I’d say worst experience I’d had w/ a cut was when I’d spent FOREVER growing out a similar Posh Spice cut, could JUST get it into a pony tail, and my stylist MISUNDERSTOOD my request and chopped it all back off to where I’d started. I think I spent the next year MAD about it!!

    Sorry you are unhappy with your cut! Isn’t that the worst feeling??

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