New moon!

Woke up in the middle of the night and threw up 😦
I’m guessing the mexican food I had for dinner last night didn’t like me.  I ate way too much yesterday and ended up constipated so I guess the only place for my food to go was back up?  Thankfully, I’m feeling much better this morning.  (other than the fact that my throat hurts from puking!)

Finally saw New Moon yesterday!

  1. Way better than Twilight.
  2. Made me cry (a lot) if I was watching it in the privacy of my own home, I would have been bawling; however, I wanted to keep it quiet so I wouldn’t annoy anyone else in the theater.
  3. Not as good as the book but it would honestly be really hard to make it that good so I understand.
  4. It obviously still had Kristen Stewart which was a minus for me.  Not that I want them to change the actors right now (though I love the new Victoria!) but I really do not like Kristen for the part of Bella.  She just doesn’t fit that part in my opinion.
  5. Dakota Fanning as Jane was AMAZING.  I know she didn’t have a large part in this one but I’m looking foward to seeing more of her in the next movie!
  6. I was not imagining the wolves that big when I was reading the book but I loved what they did with the wolves!

Overall, I loved the movie! If you’re only watching the movies though, you really need to read the books! They are a million times better!
One of the girls at my work is just watching the movies for now and is going to read the books after all of the movies come out which actually is a really good idea.  When I first saw Twilight, I thought it was the best thing in the world, until I read the books. Now, I see that the movie sucks in comparison. (Luckily, I try not to compare the two while I’m watching the movie.)

During the movie I munched on some popcorn and mint chocolate chip cookie dough bites.

I’m not a huge fan of mint candy but I really wanted to try these.  They weren’t bad.  Not something I would buy again though.  I’m going to stick with the regular ones next time.

For dinner we went to a little mexican place in town.
We got cheese dip and guacamole (along with salsa and white dip they always have)

2 enchiladas, rice and a taco

I didn’t eat it all.  Sent the rest home with Jon Alan.
I did get dessert though… cheesecake bites!

Ate all except one bite of these… lol.  They were so good though!

Jon Alan got a margarita which means I got to drive his honda civic si home 🙂 I love his car! I really really really want it.

Had a piece of pumpkin pie yesterday with lunch.  Originally I put the homemade whipped cream on it but it has started to get to the watery stage and I didn’t feel like remixing it so I put canned whipped cream on top so it would look prettier for the blog.

The blog worthy foods I have eaten the past couple days are…

The last three cinnamon pancakes with a runny yolk fried egg. Yum.

Helped my dad “rake” up leaves yesterday.  He has this awesome thing that you just attach to the back of the lawnmower and then drive around picking them up.

That’s me dumping them out so he could put them through the chipper (he uses them as mulch)

About 25 pounds of kiwi so far.  & we’ve only picked like half so far.  My dad just told me that he ended up picking about 37 pounds total yesterday.  My aunt’s have a nice little treat coming their way! He mailed off about 28 pounds of them yesterday!

About 9 pounds of pecans.  He mailed off some of those to his sisters as well.  I’m thinking about making pecan pie.

Jordan brought her cats over a couple days ago.  Cadbury and Marshmallow.  (I’m sure I don’t need to tell you guys which one is which)

Marshmallow is terrified of Lexi.  She barely came out of the cage and she kept hissing at her!

I had to go into town yesterday to pick up some boxes so my dad would be able to mail the kiwi & pecans so I took Lexi with me.  The post office is only like 5 minutes away driving (about 11 running).  She won’t get into the car through the passenger side for some reason.  She has no problem getting into it through the driver side though!  Although, yesterday she got stuck at first because she tried to jump to the foot area and then get to the seat which didn’t work very well so she had to back out and jump onto the chair.

I’ve picked up a new form of exercise the past couple days.  Dancing around my room listening to Shakira. Favorite song at the moment: La tortura by Shakira featuring Alejandro Sanz (the completely Spanish version, not the one where she sings parts in English) It’s helping me learn Spanish too!  I now know like… 5 words? lol.

Time for breakfast now!  An omelet, kiwi w/ vanilla activia & granola.

Does anyone have any good recipes for pecan pie?


3 responses to “New moon!

  1. que divertido! =D

    um i have to try that pumpkin granola STAT!


    new moon….not on my list for movies but GLAD YOU LIKED IT!

  2. mexican food looks delicious! You are doing great things with your blog! Keep up the good work.

  3. sorry you got sick…that’s scary.

    and holy smokes on the kiwi and pecans. You grow them? So fun!

    I bet your dad loves your help!

    and new moon??? have no idea, but I love Dakota fanning (all I can remember is her screams in War of the Worlds)


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