Thanksgiving 2009

Wednesday was the start of Thanksgiving food preparation:
First was the whipped cream:

& Then I made the green jello!

Loving the optical illusion in this picture!  The bowl tapers down which is why you cannot see the bottom.

Recipes will be featured shortly.

Yesterday morning I started on the custard style corn pudding so all we would have to do is pour it in the pan when it was time to cook it.

Work  wasn’t very busy.  I only ended up with 3 tables but the tips were still pretty good.

Ate some pumpkin pie filling when I got home…

Yummy 🙂

Jordan’s third glass of wine of the day.

her fourth 🙂

I love how full our ovens look on Thanksgiving

The pictures were taken after the turkey was finished and taken out (while it was in, we couldn’t put anything else in the bottom oven with it because it was HUUUUUGE.)


Best rolls ever.



Sweet potato stuffed apples

Candied yams

Corn pudding two ways

Green bean casserole

Vegetarian stuffing

My plate!

We also had apple cider

&&& pumpkin pie. I was too full last night and since I ate the pumpkin pie filling when I got home yesterday, I didn’t eat any pie last night.  This picture is from today

I’ve just been eating leftovers today.  Jordan went to my mom’s side of the family’s dinner as well so she brought me deviled eggs!

Sorry the picture is blurry.  I gave up because I was hungry.

A few days ago I went to the mall and bought two new work shirts.

The green is my favorite.  I haven’t worn the purple one yet. I also bought two new books.  Tempted from the House of Night series (vampires! YAY!) and Perfect Mistake from the Privileged series I have mentioned.

My eats since my last post have been:
Breakfast Burrito with eggs, cheese and ham
Muffin (x2)
Tuna salad with tortilla chips
This bowl of honey oikos with granola and peaches (I’m not crazy about greek yogurt but it’s pretty good with this combination)

Breakfast of a grapefruit and omelet after yesterday’s run

And a reese’s.  I’m not going to bore you will all of those pictures though.

Work tonight at 5. Some of the waitresses are thinking it’ll be busy because people will not want to cook tonight.  I’m think it’s going to be d.e.a.d. because so many people have Thanksgiving leftovers that’ll last them a week.

What’s your opinion on going out to eat right after Thanksgiving?

Updated my exercise page today so I’m not a week behind on writing down the exercises I’ve been doing.  I think I’m missing a couple video days that I didn’t write down at the time.  Oops!

You all have a great day and enjoy your leftovers!
I’ll be posting the recipes from the Thanksgiving food we had throughout this week.


5 responses to “Thanksgiving 2009

  1. we tried to go out to eat last night and everywhere was closed – even our thai place!

    • Aww! The restaurant where I work is open everyday of the year except Christmas and the Ruby Tuesday’s where my sister works is even open on Christmas!

  2. wow. WHAT A FEAST! SHEESH! puts mine to SHAME! SHAME! how you doing girl?! hahaha did you go see ninja assassin? =D

    not sure about eating out after turkey day- whY?! you have so much food in the house! EAT IT!

    =D miss your emails. they were hilarious.
    and that stuff about your classes- SUCKS ASS! the worst thing that happened to me was taking a test and the profressor had to keep saying HELLO I MESSED UP THIS QUESTION THIS IS WHAT IT SHOULD BE. ruined my concentration. and that sucked as. oh yeah, and taking a chinese buddhism class where you basically had to reach enlightenment to get an a

  3. Now that’s a Thanksgiving dinner! Love it! That green jello looks so cool! I haven’t had jello in ages; now I need to go get me some! I’ve never had tofurkey; what does it taste like? I know it must taste like ‘turkey’ but what is the texture like? And those sweet potato stuffed apples looked insane! Glad you enjoyed your holiday!

  4. Happy HAPPY belated Thanksgiving sweets!

    Love all the delicious looking food!

    those yam stuffed apples look divine! I just may have to give those a try some day…

    I say it was DEAD too…leftovers! who needs to eat out?

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