School stress

I absolutely cannot wait until this semester is over.

Problem class teacher#1:
One of my teachers (macroeconomics) does not write any of her own notes.  All of the study material comes from the book or the website for the book.  That is kind of frustrating when I do not understand something.  It is online, which I’m not complaining about since I’m the one that signed up for it; however, when I emailed her asking for a time I could meet with her she asked if “monday at 5:30pm” would be okay… um no, I have accounting at that time at a different campus.  When I told her that, she just blew off the whole meeting completely!  Before this though, I emailed her back in September asking for her to open up the quizzes so that I could at least see which questions I am getting wrong (she has it set up to only give us our grade and not any feedback when we submit our quizzes).  She emailed me two days later saying she would.  A month later I finally emailed her back reminding her (that’s when I asked about meeting with her).  She again said she would, but she only opened up the first quiz… not really helpful.  I told her that it only worked for the first one and she responded with saying she was going to email me extra credit assignments (which would be nice, but I didn’t ask for) and the feedback for the quizzes.  Then she said for me to enjoy the holiday and not stress. NOT STRESS? It’s kind of hard not to stress when I’m struggling in a class and she’s not actually helping me!  I understand that it’s online, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have to actually teach!  Got a 90% on the quiz I did for that class tonight.  Not horrible but not good enough to make up for some of the other quizzes.

Problem class teacher#2:
My practical reasoning class started out great.  It’s in person (Tuesday’s and Thursday’s) and I really liked the way the teacher was running things in the beginning. We would do the assignments in class and discuss them afterward.  All of a sudden, he decided to have us submit things online (but he didn’t exactly inform us about this until after no one submitted anything).  Last week, I overheard one of the students talking to the teacher about our tests/quizzes.  She was complaining about the fact that she couldn’t find any of the answers in the book (he had previously told us that we were allowed to use the book).  You know what he told her? That not all of the answers are in the book.  Then he added that not all of the answers are things he taught us!  WHAT? So what exactly is the point of buying that stupid book and going to the stupid classes if it doesn’t help at all with the tests/quizzes?!  He told her that for some questions we’re going to have to use outside sources.  It would have been nice if he told us that earlier (we had already completed tests that we had that problem with).  A lot of students are going to assume that using outside sources (such as the internet) would be cheating!  That’s not even the worst of it though, I have to actually go through all of the quizzes and tests results to see what he is marking wrong because there are so many errors in his tests!  You have no idea how many times I have had to email the teacher saying things like “question 10 is marked incorrectly because…” or “the correct answer for question 3 completely contradicts what you marked as the correct answer for question 11”  It’s ridiculous.  One of the quizzes, he emailed me back saying he would review it and fix if necessary and has yet to do so.  I guess I’ll give it until tomorrow and then just call him and discuss this with him.

My classes are hard enough with the material alone.  It’s really frustrating that the teachers are only making it harder and more time consuming.

I honestly don’t even know what to do anymore.  The thought of going straight to the dean has popped up in my head a few times and I may just have to do that.  We are paying the school way too much money to be treated this way.

I’m not sure about the students in my macroeconomics class, but from what the other students in my practical reasoning class have said, I’m not the only person that’s getting fed up with this.  Actually, a lot of them are more upset about this than I am.

Something I’m thankful for: My accounting teacher. She’s helpful and actually teaches what we need to know in a way that we understand.  This is a very good thing for me since this is the field that I want to go into.

Today was a no run day for me.  It’s been rainy all day so my dad and I didn’t go on our morning run and then I decided to just not run at all so I can really push myself tomorrow!

I had cottage cheese & peaches for breakfast.

At noon, I met up with some of my coworkers at the restaurant to carpool over to the Memorial Service for Fred.  It was a very touching service and my heart goes out to his family.  He was 77 years old when he passed away and attended Fork Union Military Academy.  It makes me really sad that I never asked him about his life.

After the service, some of us went to a little restaurant nearby to get something to eat.  Everyone 21+ took a shot of jack daniels in Fred’s memory.  He always drank jack on the rocks.  The bartenders would start fixing it for him as soon as they saw him walk over to “his” table.  I ate a cheeseburger with fries.

Before class tonight I ate strawberry activia with fiber one cereal and granola.  (no picture of this either 😦 sorry!)

I am hungry again though… so I’ll make sure to take a picture of whatever I eat tonight!


For yesterday:

My lunch was a little salad with tuna salad (I’ll have to write about the salad dressing in a later post.  It’s really good with the tuna but I can’t remember what kind it is)
&&& cottage cheese with peaches.

Mine looks wimpy compared to my dad’s:

Then I went upstairs and worked on some accounting homework:

I may have ate that Reese’s.

Before class I had a burrito!

they taste really good and it’s so easy to make heat up.

Question of the night:
1. What’s the worst problem you’ve ever had with a class?


p.s.- I also ate vanilla ice cream with a muffin for dessert last night.  & I may have that again tonight…


2 responses to “School stress

  1. That’s CRAZY! I hate teachers who are ridiculous. I once had a teacher who would not tell us about assignments, then expect them to be turned in. The whole class was like… what? She would mention something in passing and give no concrete details and expect us to figure it out. It was terrible.

  2. I couldn’t say…been a LONG while. Sorry you are having teacher troubles.


    (“I may have eaten that reeses”) made me LAUGH!

    I like mango and cottage cheese…but only if the mango is FRESH…MMMM

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