Over 100% tip

Oh yes. Here’s what happened. The hostess got a phone call for a room service.  It was just a bowl of soup so no one was super excited about taking it.  I ended up giving in.  The caller told her that he was going to be paying with a $100 so she went ahead and gave me the change before I left.  The walk was FREEZING.  I’m glad that it’s finally getting cold but I wish I was prepared for walking up and down the docks. I handed the guy his money and he starts looking through it to tip me and makes a comment about how it was hard because of how messed up (drunk) he is.  After he hands me the money he says “so you’ll be right back with my cheesecake?” apparently he called in that order right after I left with the soup.  One of the managers met me halfway down with the cheesecake (2 pieces) and the new bill.  I bring it back to the man and he hands me a $20.  I ask if he needs change and after a slight pause he says no.  Then he tells me he needs cheese, chives and bacon lol.  Fortunately, he had called that one in as well while I was getting the cheesecake so I met the manager around the same spot and he handed me those items.

All in all:
Soup ~ $4
Cheesecake ~ $11
Food total ~ $15
Tip total $16.80


Other than that room service, I ended up having 3 tables.  All left me really good tips though so I didn’t do half bad tonight.

Plus: Got home before 10pm! That doesn’t happen that often because even if we’re slow, we still have a ton of sidwork to do before we can leave.  As well as flipping all the tables over for breakfast/lunch (meaning taking the table cloths off and moving tables back to normal spots if they were moved for a large group that night) + filling up the salt pepper and sugars.  We can only flip once all of the tables in the room are gone which means if one of the other waitresses has a table that stays late, we have to stay too just to wait so we can flip.  Annoying. That’s when we sit around talking about ways to get the table to leave.

Some ideas we have come up with:

  • sitting down with the table & asking what they’re talking about
  • having all the waitresses go over there and just start staring at them
  • going and flipping anyway (which the managers would yell at us for if they notice)
  • just cleaning off the table and resetting it with them still sitting there (including changing the table cloth)

Any other suggestions?

I find it so funny when a table will ask one of the waitresses what time we close and they just look at them and say “9:30” in a very terse way as if to say “and it’s past that time so leave!”  I would feel bad to do that.  With me it’s more like “9:30, but you guys are okay.”

Ordered meatloaf tonight off the lunch menu, which reminds me, I left it there. Oh well.

It was actually really good.  I ate almost all of it.

Before work I had a mini crunchy peanut butter clif bar

a cinnamon raisin bagel with honey nut cream cheese! Yum.

& Something that needs no introduction

Tippy was helping him with his game 🙂

What’s your favorite thing to put on bagels?


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