Date night! Dinner & bowling

Unfortunately, New Moon was sold out last night.  Oh well.

We did go to Ruby Tuesday’s though!
The service wasn’t great was pretty horrible but the waitress may have just been really busy (until the end where we saw her taking her time cleaning up tables while still neglecting us)

Miller lite (x2) for Jon Alan & peach splash for me
& of course bunny ears to make the picture more interesting
The peach drink was so good! Only problem is the amount of ice they put in it.  I ended putting the ice in my water glass so I could get to the peaches at the bottom 🙂

Mozzarella Sticks for an appetizer.

I inhaled the first few. My stomach was going crazy while we were waiting for them.  They were good but Ihop still wins for best mozza sticks!

For our entrees I had the Parmesan Chicken Pasta.

Amazing! Not very much marinara sauce; however, it really didn’t need it.
I was only able to eat probably 1/4 of it so I brought the rest home with me (had some of it for breakfast.)

Jon Alan ordered the cheeseburger quesadilla

He kind of didn’t receive what he ordered though… nor did he receive the hot sauce that he asked for when she placed our food down.

We still tipped 20% though.
I never tip under 20% no matter how bad the service is.

Then off to the bowling alley!

With Flash

Without Flash. I couldn’t believe how huge of a difference the flash made.

& now for the amazingly flattering pictures

Must work on my form. What’s up with my left arm?

Love this picture of him! Must frame it! haha

Another miller lite

The beer provided much improvement on his form.  Dontcha agree?

I really like this picture for some reason 🙂

he beat me for the first game

Kicked his butt in the second game! (okay… maybe I only won by 4 points but whatever. Still beat him! haha)
We did play a third game but that one got kind of confusing (I got a strike on the last roll and didn’t realize I was supposed to go again so he went and it just got super confusing. he beat me, but barely)

The plan was to go back to his house so I could read while he played his video game but the lady he lives with was watching a movie on that tv so we decided to go in the garage so he could play his guitar instead

He let me play a little too. My music was totally better than his sounded like a five year old was playing.

I had another glo bar back at my house

It was really good but present is still my favorite. Revive tasted more dessert like (which trust me, I LOVE dessert) while present has a more refreshing taste.  I think I’ll have my other revive bar with ice cream! Yum!

I already mentioned what I had for breakfast.  No picture because honestly, I wasn’t working on making it pretty today.  Just worked on heating it up and getting it in my stomach (I stayed in bed catching up on blogs I’ve missed until my stomach was SCREAMING at me.)

Now I’m at Jon Alan’s house while he plays his video game.  He looks so focused right now.  A flying pink elephant could go past him and he probably wouldn’t even notice it.

Update on my eye: no change.
Update on my throat issues: same as my eye.

Hopefully that’ll change soon.

Time to finish catching up on the posts I haven’t read yet (still 26 new posts in my reader.  there was like 70 when I woke up this morning!)

Have a great day!


One response to “Date night! Dinner & bowling

  1. OMG A MOVIE?! it better be good because the prince in prince of persia is HOT! HOT!

    nothing’s wrong with a little porn….i suppose!

    i want to play the game prototype! hahha now i’m excited! i however, hate being cold. i like being hot. i amtyping this email all sweaty. hilarious.
    yes, writing on the arm works. you have SO Much canvas to write on! hahaha. texting yourself the intervals. rock treadmill!
    google reader sucks ass. as does a certain someone who commented that running should be screwed. guess he’s not getting a little something something if you know what i mean.

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