Medical update + surprise package!

So, the boring stuff first.
I went to the eye doctor today about the pain that I have been experiencing and the doctor thinks it’s a sinus infection causing the problem (which would also explain the issues that brought me to my general doctor a few days ago).  He prescribed me a z-pack (antibiotics) to see if that helps get rid of it.  Also, I was given two different types of eye drops. One that I take once a day and one that I take 4 times a day.  There is a follow up appointment scheduled Dec. 3rd and I’m not allowed to wear my contacts until I go back in.  Another possibility is an allergic reaction to my new contacts.  The left eye is the only one that I’m having pain in but apparently there are also signs of problems in my right eye as well.  If the color red starts looking gray, I’m supposed to go in earlier than scheduled.  If the problem isn’t gone by the follow up appointment, I may have to get an MRI. Hopefully that won’t be necessary though.  They did take pictures of my optical nerve & tested my peripheral vision.  I was told that I’d probably get a phone call once the doctor takes a look at the results.

For breakfast I had a frozen Activia

Then a little later I took Lexi with me to the post office to get my package

She decided that going in through the driver side worked better for some reason.


Look who bought glo bars!

I tried Present right away! LOVE IT!
Let my sister Jessie try a piece as well & she definitely loved it too!

So soft and gooey and wonderful! Best granola bar I have ever had! I’m making sure that I take my time eating those but trust me, it’s hard! I can’t wait to try the Revive one! Peanut butter and chocolate! Yum!

Angela– you are amazingly talented!

Lunch. Please don’t stop reading my blog just because I have had this sandwich for lunch for the past three days! At least I added a Green Monster!
It included:

  • Spinach
  • 1 banana
  • nutmeg
  • Cinnamon
  • Vanilla soymilk
  • Ice cubes

Jon Alan and I are having a date night tonight because another waitress asked for my shift.  We were talking about going out to dinner and going bowling but now he’s saying something about NEW MOON! How can I resist that? Hopefully it won’t be sold out!

See you all later!


2 responses to “Medical update + surprise package!

  1. DATE NIGHT!??????????????? hahha lucky you.

    omg. i thought you weren’t posting at all, so i decided to hop on over to your blog and YOU HAVE BEEN! (DAMN YOU GOOGLE READER FOR FUCKIN” UP MY LIFE!)
    hope your eye gets better (and btw, that g chat convo we had a couple days ago- that was hilarious. my mom was like WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING SO HARD IN YOUR ROOM!? ) i think she was like, IS SHE WATCHING PORN!? LOL! i don’t! tell jon alan i say hi!

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