Spur of the moment doctors appointment

Every semester I tell myself to do homework as soon as possible rather than procrastining and overwhelming myself with it and every semester I totally fail at doing so.

Yesterday & today are both homework days.  I could have gotten more of it done yesterday; however, the doctor’s office called me back and said that they could fit me in so I rushed over there before I had to go to work.  There are two possibilities the doctor mentioned that could be causing the breathing problems.

  1. Allergies– she gave me a sample of a perscription nasal spray called Nasacort to try out everynight & see if the problems go away.  This morning my throat seemed to be a tiny bit more clear than it has been lately so hopefully it’s helping!
  2. Exercise induced asthma– I’ve never been diagnosed with asthma but she said that it might be why I had such a hard time breathing on my last couple runs.  She wants me to wait and see if the Nasacort fixes my problems first before trying an inhaler because the allergies is more likely than asthma.

It’s Thursday which means running with my mom! So I’ll have to wait until this evening to see how my breathing is while running.  Although, I do not run the same route with my mom that I usually run so there are different environmental factors to take into consideration.  My normal route is around a lot of fields which may cause some problems while my route with my mom is in more of a downtown setting.  Also, I normally have more breathing problems in the morning so that will need to be thought about as well.

Update on my eats:

Breakfast yesterday was strawberry activia covered in fiber one honey clusters cereal and pumpkin flax plus granola

& the proof that there was in fact yogurt.

For lunch I had a spinach, american cheese, ham & mayo sandwich on whole wheat
(plus some wheat thins with peanut butter while I was waiting for it to actually become lunch time)
I’m think of having a repeat of that lunch again today 🙂

I was craving chocolate so I had a Reese’s cup while working on accounting homework

Waaaaay too many red x’s.  Ended up figuring it out eventually though!

I also munched on some aged completely stale pretzels while working

I didn’t have much time after my doctor’s appointment so I had the quickest thing I could think of.  My lack of time also means that I barely had time to take the picture so deal with the blurriness!

At work I ate a cup of beef, potato & onion soup and then later I ordered

A side of veggies & the potato of the day which was au gratin! yum!

This morning:

Eggs in a basket

After a couple bites I decided to grab a glass of orange, pineapple banana juice.

Time to make lunch & continue to work on homework!

As you can see, my quick meal is a frozen burrito, what’s yours?


One response to “Spur of the moment doctors appointment

  1. I don’t know what my quick meal is…probably fruit… but i LOVE eggs in a basket! total FAV growing up

    it’s the first “recipe” I made as a girl.

    I need to make the boys those ! JJ would love it!

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