Nice run + upcoming package!

I just got today’s mail and I am super excited! I got a “sorry we missed you” note (though I don’t know how this would have happened since I was home pretty much all day… lol) meaning that I have a package waiting for me at the post office! I know EXACTLY what it is but I’m going to make you all wait until tomorrow!

I had a very nice run with my mom tonight.

Distance: about 2.3 miles
Time: 22.24 minutes

She thought she was going to have to reschedule because she has a lot of cooking to do tonight for work tomorrow but she called back saying she would make time

For lunch I did end up having the same sandwich as yesterday.  What can I say? It was yummy!

I went straight to Jon Alan’s when I left my mom’s house.  He was playing a new video game so I used the time to catch up on a book I’m reading (I did watch his game a little too. It’s called prototype in case there are any gamers out there.) I also caught up on dinner.

Chicken & a biscuit!

The fact I placed it right under where it says “What are you trying to say! You think I’m fat?” may or may not have been on purpose 😉

I also tried a chickpea for the first time today! My mom had some so I tried one.

Due to the spices that were on them, it tasted like apple butter! I only had one though because there was a moldy one and I got worried… lol. By the way, my mom was wondering if you’re supposed to refrigerate them.

I also had a string cheese at her house too

& to leave you with a couple pet pictures

&&& my favorite dog at Jon Alan’s house


Any guesses what the package might be? You all might be able to get it right!


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