How important is breathing anyway?

Actually, quite important.
My run today:
Distance: 2.6ish miles
Time: 26.02 minutes

A tiny bit better than yesterday; however, breathing was a tiny bit harder today. I have a doctor’s appointment for Monday at 9:45 to try and fix this problem.  This may be a little TMI but… I’ve been having a really bad problem with brown phlegm for about a month now.  It’s only really bad in the morning and I just have to cough it out and I’m fine for the rest of the day. Before, it was just a little annoying but now, it’s been making it kind of hard to breathe.  I don’t know what is causing it.  I don’t smoke; however, it’s possible that it’s from being around people smoking at work though I don’t know why it’d be at it’s worst today when I haven’t gone to work since Sunday.  The beginning of my run, it was horrible but then it got better about halfway through.  Right when I stopped though it got even worse than before.  This time it wasn’t really like I had something I could cough out, it was just hard to breathe.

😦 I’m trying to make sure to stay hydrated and stay away from dust/smoke and hopefully the doctor will be able to help Monday.

I’ll post my breakfast in my next post 🙂


One response to “How important is breathing anyway?

  1. oh, I hope you find what’s wrong…working in a smoking environment is scary to me … You did say they were changing it right? I think I remember you saying that.

    and yah…stay hydrated

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