Sucky run + homework

My run this morning was sucky.
Distance: About 2.6 miles
Time: 26.15 minutes

I felt horrible the whole time though.  I ended up stopping after only one loop while my dad went ahead with his second one.  My legs were killing me and I felt like I had stuff in my throat the whole time which did not make breathing very fun. I barely sprinted at all at the end (the sprint at the end is normally my favorite part)

Made a mug of tea while my dad was working on making breakfast.

The flavor wasn’t great but not horrible.

The dark color of it sort of surprised me.

Breakfast was omelets that my dad made.
Inside were

  • Green peppers
  • Onion
  • Ham
  • Cheese (Cheddar and smoked Gouda)
    & mine also had
  • Spinach

We always mix the filling into the eggs (minus the cheese) rather than having it in the middle

With 1/2 a banana covered in peanut butter

On my way to school I needed to stop for gas and the pump said to get the receipt from the clerk so I went ahead and got some watermelon

Ate a pumpkin pie TLC bar during class and then the watermelon on the way back home.

Tuesdays mean a lot of homework due so when I got home I worked on accounting. and then some more accounting. Followed by, you guessed it, accounting.
When I get back from class tonight I’m going to need to do my macroeconomics homework (ew ew ew. I hate this class.)


I’ll work on some other assignments if I have time as well.
(While watching 90210 of course.)


You all have a great night! (Hopefully not working on hard/boring homework!)


P.S.- I don’t have time to upload the pictures right now so I’ll be posting dinner pictures next time!


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