Happy expiranniversary!

Dinner tonight was very good and actually really surprising for me since I haven’t had sweet potatoes in forever.

Grilled bbq chicken, sweet potato topped with butter, cinnamon and nutmeg, and canned peas!

So super delicious!

Did more homework after class.  All finished for tonight though.

Then did two of the exercise videos. (you can find links on my exercise page)
Post workout snack?

A scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with strawberry sauce.  Which kinda sorta expired November 17…. 2008.  Which means: Happy Expiranniversary! (Expiration anniversary? lol) Hopefully I don’t get sick.  It tasted fine 🙂 & I’ve had it recently without any problems.

Time for sleep now.
Good night everyone!

Question of the night: Have you ever eaten something super expired? & if so, what was the worst date?


2 responses to “Happy expiranniversary!

  1. I’m not sure what the expiration date was, but I made myself a sandwich, ate it, then made another one, and when I was about halfway through it, looked down and there was mold all over the bread.

  2. I had an old refridgerator that kept most my items FROZEN…so my milk once was a month past it’s date and I drank it anyways…It was a slushi so I knew it really wasn’t bad.

    I’m a stickler for exp dates these days.

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